Climate Extremists On One Side, Facts on the Other

WBZ Boston, November 15, 2018, asks: Will The Snowiest Decade Continue?

Are you prepared for one of the coldest winters of your life? This is but the beginning of the next mini ice age, according to Russian Astrophysicist Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov.

In his latest book, Dr. Abdussamatov writes:

“Since 1990, the Sun has been in the declining phase of the quasi-bicentennial variation in total solar irradiance (TSI). The decrease in the portion of TSI absorbed by the Earth since 1990 has remained uncompensated by the Earth’s long-wave radiation into space at the previous high level because of the thermal inertia of the world’s oceans. As a result, the Earth has, and will continue to have, a negative average annual energy balance and a long-term adverse thermal condition.

“The quasi-centennial epoch of the new Little Ice Age has started at the end of 2015 after the maximum phase of solar cycle 24. The start of a solar grand minimum is anticipated in solar cycle 27 ± 1 in 2043 ± 11 and the beginning of [a] phase of deep cooling in the new Little Ice Age in 2060 ± 11.

“The gradual weakening of the Gulf Stream leads to stronger cooling in the zone of its action in western Europe and the eastern parts of the United States and Canada. Quasi-bicentennial cyclic variations of TSI together with successive very important influences of the causal feedback effects are the main fundamental causes of corresponding alternations in climate variation from warming to the Little Ice Age.”

The pseudo-scientists like Bill Nye and Al Gore have failed as the prophets of anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming. The 2019 freshman representative from Brooklyn, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a democratic socialist with a juvenile worldview, will set as one of her top goals control of the earth’s weather.

Evidence-Based Climate Science: Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of Global Warming, Second Edition, includes updated data related to the causes of global climate change from experts in meteorology, geology, atmospheric physics, solar physics, geophysics, climatology, and computer modeling. This book objectively gathers and analyzes scientific data concerning patterns of past climate changes, influences of changes in ocean temperatures, the effect of solar variation on global climate, and the effect of CO2 on global climate. This analysis is then presented as counter-evidence to the theory that CO2 is the primary cause behind global warming. Read more

What can you do to prevent the ice age? Get warm clothing, winterize your vehicles against winter extremes, and set aside emergency supplies.

Your best resource for extreme cold weather preparedness is FEMA.

Bundle up, my friends.

John White
Rockwall Controls Company, Inc.

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