Liberal Policies Are Destroying California

What’s behind the global-warming/climate-change activism? In two words: Earth worship.

Earth = Good | Mankind = Bad

As I write and you read, the state of California is in dire straits due to a water shortage. In that same state, devastating forest fires destroyed thousands of homes and the death toll may yet be unknown.

A 2018 Vox magazine article says, “California’s wildfires get bigger and more deadly year after year, thanks to rising temperatures fueled by CLIMATE CHANGE — and each major blaze exacerbates the state’s staggering INEQUALITY.” (emphasis, my own)

Only a tree-hugging, earth-worshiping California liberal would attribute a water shortage to income inequality.
God created the earth for man, not man for the earth. Our responsibility is stewardship, not worship.

Inequality??? Only a liberal could attribute a water shortage to income inequality.

Actually, the forest fires were the consequence of poor forest management. First and foremost, realize the home you build in a forest is the next statistic when there is a forest fire in your neighborhood. Second, Earth-first people prevented forest management.

California bureaucrats and politicians – treehuggers all – attribute the water shortage to global-warming/climate-change. Nonsense.

Rainfall is and has been low. Snowpacks are small. But, the real problem is that state sucks more water from the Colorado River than flows down the river.

Reference | ProPublica: Killing The Colorado

Earth-first policies led to the diversion of river water to the San Joaquin Valley to simply dump into the Pacific Ocean. Why? The liberal policymakers do this to save a bait fish called the Delta Smelt, a species that is not on the endangered species list.

The overall problem of water shortage is an age-old problem of people extracting more from natural resources than the resources can sustain. Groundwater, for example.

Due to excessive extraction of groundwater, parts of the state are sinking as much as two feet per year. This is called land subsidence.

The USGS explains the cause of the land subsidence.

Land subsidence in California has two primary causes: aquifer compaction due to excessive groundwater pumping, and decomposition of wetland soils exposed to air after wetland conversion to farmland. Effects include damage to aquifers, ecosystems, and infrastructure.

Are there alternative water sources? Yes, Israeli agriculture and water management practices would save California, but the far-left anti-Israel Jew-hating politicians and ruling elite like Nancy Pelosi ignore the consequences of present policies.

Israel is one of the only countries in the world that has created such an efficient infrastructure of water supply and conservation that it can now function without rain.

Interesting, isn’t it? The people who worship the earth are also the people abusing it.

John White

Rockwall Controls Company, Inc.

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