Petty Japanese Injustice

Attention: Ambassador Shinsuke J. SUGIYAMA, the Embassy of Japan in the USA

Mr. Ambassador,

I protest the gross injustice toward Carlos Ghosen who suffers in a Japanese prison.

Does he have a large ego? Without a doubt. Is his lifestyle culturally opposed to Japanese culture? Obviously. Did your Emperor reward him for his amazing achievements in saving and advancing Nissan to the number two spot? Yes, this is a matter of fact.

Mr. Ghosn was born and raised in a western culture where our geniuses of industry enjoy a vastly different system of rewards that go against your quasi-socialistic system.

Lessons I learn from the official mistreatment of Carlos Ghosen are:

(1) I will be buying Michelin replacement tires to remember Mr. Ghosen’s contributions, and
(2) I will NEVER buy a Nissan vehicle. Furthermore, I will discourage all prospective buyers of Nissan vehicles by retelling this absurd story of Japanese injustice.

The New York Times: The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn

A Victim of Punitive Japanese Envy and Avarice

Thank you for your attention to my protestation.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

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