Traditional Masculinity Is Harmful? Can We Talk?

The American Psychological Association declares “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful”

The APA bases its claim on “more than 40 years of research”.

Such a claim causes me to wonder who the persons are that own that research.

Read APA article via this link:

As I recall, up until 1987, it was toxic homosexuality the APA identified as a mental illness. So now traditional masculinity is abnormal and homosexuality is normal?

After I shave this morning with my Gillette razor, no doubt I will better understand the APA’s stance.

Meanwhile, my father, Joseph “Buster” White, comes to mind. Without a doubt, Gillette would readily identify Dad as a ‘toxic male’.

My father was 23 years of age when the USA joined Great Britain and France to fight the Germans. Daddy and about one million other American ‘toxic males’ entered the US armed forces to defeat our mutual enemy.

Before joining the US Navy, Daddy was a prison guard in Louisiana at age 18. His chief duty was to chase down escapees on horseback. Without a doubt, he drooled ‘toxic masculinity’. You could see it on his face (pictured below, home on leave).

My father’s ships plied the North Sea carrying vital supplies to our allies. He told me of the frigid winter weather. When the Unterseeboot sank a Navy ship, everyone died. It was impossible to survive more than mere minutes in that icy sea.

Buster White was one of the fortunate survivors of WW1. 116,708 American military men died; more than 204,000 wounded. There were also 757 US civilian combat casualties killed in military action.

My father’s toxic masculinity also survived WW1 and he became a civilian contractor to the US Army during WW2 in the construction and operation of stateside military posts. I recall a stack of letters written by Army officers who praised his leadership and acumen. I don’t recall any written complaints about his ‘toxic masculinity’.

As a side note to my homeboys, Daddy came to Palacios, Texas to construct Camp Palacios, aka Camp Hulen. Soon after the camp was completed, he was appointed the manager of the cold storage unit, one of the last structures to be dismantled in recent years. It was during this time that he met and married Mom.

There are truly toxic forces at play, forces that strive to emasculate American men and to redefine the traditional roles of men and women.

Up until 1987, American jurisprudence addressed the traditional roles of men and women – the only two genders created by God – through a Biblical prism. Since 1987, the American lexicon has radically been altered through a process of reprobation whereby those behaviors deemed good for thousands of years have become objects of scorn and those behaviors formerly unacceptable are being forced upon us, day by day, one law, one court ruling, at a time.

I shall not belabor the point. Instead, here are Biblical references for your enlightenment.

Leviticus 20:13 NLT 
Romans 1:20-27 NLT

Jesus Christ would no doubt be considered a ‘toxic male’ by the APA today. Who in his right mind would take on himself the sins of the world and then voluntarily submit to capital punishment to atone for our sins?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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