Is a Border Wall/Barrier/Impenetrable Fence Really Necessary?

Democrat lawmakers repeatedly claim “the majority of opioids come to U.S. through points of entry”, meaning those inter-country highways over which regular vehicular traffic flows between Mexico and the USA.

Politifact: January 14th, 2019

Use of the noun ‘majority’ implies knowledge of the whole. This next news story disproves the Democrats’ theory. They do not have knowledge of the whole.

MSN News March 1, 2019

Dominguez’s organization sourced cocaine from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, up through Central America and into Chiapas, Mexico, according to prosecutors. Transportation cells would move the cocaine into Mexico using BOATS, AIRCRAFT and commercial vehicles, then over the California and Texas borders for distribution into the United States, the court filing says.” [emphasis, my own]

Smugglers also use human ‘mules’, rafts, and tunnels.

Let’s be very clear: boats and aircraft do not use the points of entry where Border Patrol agents have high-tech equipment and drug-sniffing dogs to detect the drugs.

A continuous, impenetrable barrier from coast to coast will force drug traffickers to attempt shipments of illegal, dangerous drugs through the legal points of entry.

The Democrat party leadership has succumbed to the extreme leftists who ignorantly and militantly demand their green agenda, promote infanticide, demand open borders and unrestricted immigration, spew hateful anti-semitism, and exhibit a flagrant disregard for the rule of law.

But not all Democrat lawmakers have succumbed to the dark side. Let’s pray for God to supernaturally intervene in the House Democrat majority to preserve our beloved America.

Encourage all US Senators and US Representatives to FUND THE WALL NOW so President Trump can BUILD THE WALL NOW.

John White, Rockwall, Texas

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