Illegal Immigration: a Two-Fold Crisis

What do you think of a Democrat mayor who repeatedly and publicly denies there is a border crisis while demanding federal funds to cover the cost of illegal immigration in his city?

McAllen Monitor 6/15/2019 | McAllen continues to absorb financial impact of migration

In the photo, Pres. Trump met with Mayor Jim Darling on 1/10/2019.

The city of McAllen has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on migration aid since 2014, and the city has hardly been reimbursed by the federal government. The issue began in June 2014, when the U.S. Border Patrol began arresting large groups of Central American migrants in South Texas.

McAllen Monitor 6/15/2019

Illegal immigrants flooding over the Rio Grande are, in fact, an existentialist threat to the general welfare (financial and social) of the city of McAllen, TX.

The mayor’s political position? Is it self-deception or outright deceit?

News video 1/10/2019 (same day) | Is There a Mexican Border Crisis? McAllen Texas Mayor Says No

CNN FB video 1/11/2019 (1 day after) | Texas border city mayor: “Misconception” that wall will solve problems

MSNBC video 1/12/2019 (2 days after) | Jim Darling says President Trump’s border wall won’t help

Mayor Jim Darling, like other Texas Democrats, follows the party line despite the enormous cost to McAllen taxpayers. He begs for federal money to cover the cost of illegal immigration while steadfastly denying the existential crisis right under his nose.

I urge the President to ignore Darling’s pleas for money until such time he publicly acknowledges the reality of the crisis.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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