How Does Communism Compare to Sewage? it All Flows Downhill – Marx My Words

The blatantly corrupt Battista administration facilitated the La Revolución. Battista was in the pocket of American gangsters, among whom was the father of a decorated Navy veteran, soon to be president.

Fidel Castro promised hope and change. Wealthy business owners, one whom I knew very well, financed Castro’s ‘Revolución’, not revealing his plan to subjugate the Cuban people under communism.

Short course: Socialism allows ownership of property but the government dictates how the property is to be used. Communism assumes ownership of all property and allows tenants limited use of the property.

Castro’s state police trained under the East German Stasi.

Russian ‘social workers’ set up the bureaucracies which remain in place today. (The Castristas applied what they learned under their Soviet masters to the country Venezuela, beginning with the socialist rule by Hugo Chávez. All levels of Venezuelan bureaucracies are administered by Cubans.)

Russian civil engineers and construction personnel designed and built Soviet-style concrete apartment buildings that would appall the P&Z of Rockwall, Texas. There is absolutely no articulation!

The fall of the Soviet Union was caused by an arms race between them and us. We won. They lost.

Loss of the arms race meant the loss of financial support for Fidel Castro. The Cuban people suffered miserably during the ‘Special Period’ (1991-2000) as inept Cuban communists sought to establish a post-Soviet Union economy.

All Cubans suffered, as they do today, except for the ruling elite whose offspring live lavish lives unaffected by the doldrums of the Cuban economy.

In 2008, Barack Obama, an admirer of Fidel Castro, was elected president of the USA. Obama was born to communist parents, raised by communist grandparents, and mentored by communist activists. In today’s political economy, we don’t call them communists; we call them progressive liberals and more recently they have adopted the name ‘Democratic Socialists’.

President Obama opened the door to free exchanges between Cuban and the USA. Obama even threw himself at Raúl Castro to the point of doing the wave at a ball game and dancing with a sexy Cuban woman.

Cuba was now open for business! Tourist dollars flowed like Niagara Falls into the bank accounts of the Castristas. The common people continued in their second-class status as they do today.

President Donald Trump could not turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of the previous administration that did nothing to end the Cuban tyranny over the Venezuelan people.
President Trump ended the free-flow of tourist dollars into Cuba and now that island slave camp enters a second ‘Special Period’. Truly, the Russian puppet master was Putin on the spot.

Putin now threatens a second cold war, unaware how the first bankrupted the USSR. I welcome this cold war.

So you know, the economy of the State of Texas is greater by far than the entire Russian economy. Putin was relying on exorbitant fees for Russian natural gas flowing into Europe. Putin’s hand on the pipelines gave him great influence over European politics. But that has all changed under the leadership of President Trump.

The USA is now the largest energy producer in the world. We are now the chief energy supplier to Europe. Russia and communist China turn to one another.

Russia has sufficient energy supplies but China imports half its oil from the Persian Gulf and now that region could literally go up in smoke overnight.

Meanwhile, we take NOTHING from the Middle East. We produce our own energy.

Socialistic theory birthed communism in Russia. Russia exported communism to China and North Korea, then to Cuba and Venezuela.

Communism must first die in Russia. And it will.

Communism is idolatry. Communist masters insist on being the sole source of all things to its subjugated people.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the good news!

It will get darker before the end comes but in the end, God will show Himself Lord over the entire universe.

The Kingdom of God also flows downhill but from the throne of God, not from the headquarters of communist despots.

Jesus is coming soon.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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