Is the Story of Mordecai and Esther True?

Around 478 BC a fellow named Haman persuaded King Xerxes to issue an irrevocable law that all Jews were to be killed throughout the Persian empire from Ethiopia to India.

God used Jewish Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai to expose the heinous plot of Haman.

King Xerxes could not revoke the first law so he issued a second, as recorded in the book of Esther, chapter 8.

“In [the decree] the king granted the Jews who were in every city the right to assemble and to defend their lives; to destroy, to kill, and to annihilate any armed force that might attack them, their little children, and women; and to take the enemies’ goods as plunder”

Esther 8:11 AMP

Is the story of Esther and Mordecai true? The shrine to Queen Esther and Mordecai is 165 miles west of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. (For more on the shrine: Are Esther and Mordechai Buried in This Iranian Tomb?)

A footnote to history – Haman was descended from Hammedatha of Hamedan [alternate spelling of Hamadan].

Do remember that the second irrevocable law of King Xerxes stands today.

Behold, He who keeps Israel Will neither slumber [briefly] nor sleep [soundly].

Psalm 121:4 AMP

According to a Muslim Background Believer (MBB), a pastor born and raised in Iran, over 90% of Iranians are not true Muslim believers.

There is great unrest throughout Iran today. The MBB pastor I mentioned is praying for God to raise up another Shah to deliver the people from the tyrannical grip of the radical Shiite Muslim government. This is also my prayer for the Persian people.

A Babylonian king captured the Jews and it was a Persian king who restored them to the land of Israel. Is the comparison of Jimmy Carter as the modern-day Babylonian king and Pres. Donald Trump as the modern day Persian king Cyrus reasonable? I think, yes.
Before the Iranian revolution in 1979, Iran was a staunch ally in the Middle East, a protector of and an ally to Israel. Pres. Jimmy Carter to this day is pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. (Reference | The Observer: Jimmy Carter’s Animus for Israel 11/20/2016)

To learn more about Jimmy Carter’s pro-Palestinian worldview, read from Israeli National News | President Carter supported the Iranian Revolution 5/5/2016


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6
Pray for the nation of Israel. Psalm 17:7-9
Pray for federal government leaders. 1 Timothy 2:2

May God have mercy on America and may He have mercy on Israel.

John WhiteRockwall, Texas

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