AOC, Propaganda, and the Truth

NY Post | AOC says migrants forced to drink toilet water after tense border visit

Why, oh why, would the CBP be equipping detention facilities with combination lavatory-toilet fixtures? The key term is “detention facilities”.

The difference between a local jail and a prison is simply this: Local jails are short-term DETENTION FACILITIES.

That’s right, my fellow Americans. The CBP arrests those whom they catch illegally entering our country and place them in DETENTION FACILITIES, JAILS.

Estimates above 80%, some above 90%, of all current asylum claims, are false. How do I know? I listen to Spanish-language news stories of interviews with asylum seekers who say the real reason they come to the USA is for a better paying job.

Why are the women AOC speaks of drinking from jail-type combination lavatory-toilet fixtures? Because they are in jail, aka detention centers. Why are they in jail? They were caught red-handed violating US immigration law.

Radical leftist Democrats daily repeat the big lie that CBP mistreats detained, illegal immigrants.

How and why was Ms. Ocasio-Cortez elected to the House of Representatives?

View and listen to a YouTube explanation titled: Before Alexandria Was Known As AOC, There Was A Movement That Recruited Her To Run.

We who cherish our God-given liberty must daily repeat the truth about the southern border crisis and how Democrat lawmakers steadfastly refuse to fund our defenses against illegal immigration and the unwanted consequences of allowing unvetted migrants into our cities.

Are you registered to vote?

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