Liberal Media Overlook the Politicization of US Intelligence by Clapper and Comey While Attacking John Ratcliffe

The NY Post announces President Trump’s choice for Director of National Intelligence

Liberal Time Magazine immediately goes on the attack 29 July 2019 | Top GOP Senator Warned the White House About Trump’s Choice for National Intelligence Director

The Time hit piece says the appointment of Ratcliffe would “inject more partisan politics into the work of the intelligence agencies”. In the same article, Time turns a blind eye to Dan Coats’ predecessor James Clapper’s political biases that contributed to the Mueller witch hunt.


CNN 18 April 2019 | Ex-DNI Clapper says redacted Mueller report ‘pretty devastating

RealClear Politics 29 May 2019 | Clapper: Mueller Attempted To “Galvanize The Public’s Attention” About Russian Interference

CNN video 18 April 2019 | James Clapper: Mueller report is devastating 

James Clapper was and is a political hack who truly must be investigated for his role in the Special Prosecutor’s fruitless persecution of our duly-elected 45th President.

Chuck Schumer, CNN, and weak-kneed Republicans attack John Ratcliffe, my TX CD-4 US Representative, someone I personally know.

The political hacks say John is simply a loyalist to the president. No, John is a loyalist to the truth, as he demonstrated in his time as a successful Federal Prosecutor.

John Ratcliffe served with distinction as a Federal Prosecutor, a trial lawyer, and the Mayor of Heath, Texas. He is an independent thinker and one who knows the law, the Constitution, and avoids self-promotion. Among his professional friends and former associates are Trey Gowdy and Chris Christie. Here in Rockwall County, we highly esteem John Ratcliffe because we do know he is a man of principles.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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