ACLU 50-State Survey | My Responses

Today. I received by mail a survey sent from the ACLU. Although the answers are multiple-choice, none of the choices are my own.

Image: partial scan of first page of survey

So, I answer using my own words.


  1. Regarding civil liberties in Texas | Not only am I not concerned about them, I am thankful our State Legislature strengthened them, not enough, but nonetheless they are stronger.
  2. Yes, I do believe the strength and vibrancy of civil liberties protections in Texas are far better than in most of the country, particularly the blue states like New York, California, Colorado, and Washington.
  3. Your survey assumes a distorted point of view, assuming Pres. Trump and other Republicans and conservative Democrats are undermining civil liberties. Just the opposite is the case. This president, unlike the last, appreciates the Rule of Law and operates well within the executive branch boundaries established in the Constitution. For example: Pres. Trump does not use his ‘pen and telephone’ to legislate from the Oval Office.


  1. As someone who reveres God and our natural Right to Life (see sentence 1, paragraph 2, of the Declaration of Independence). Abortion on demand was the brainchild of Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood, as a means to eradicate African-Americans, sought a ‘better race through birth control‘, and eugenics. She sought to rid American society of ‘the inferior classes’ that include the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, and the poverty-stricken classes.
  2. You falsely charge our president with “abusing power and undermining the rule of law”. Obviously, you confuse him with Pres. Obama.
  3. This question, as are most on this survey, are presented as statements of fact and not questions, at all. The ACLU’s position of illegal immigration directly tracks that of the far-left Democratic Socialists who now control the Democratic Party. President Trump places the interests of U.S. citizens ahead of all other nations of the world. We the People of Texas want tightened border control, legal immigration that does not overload our welfare systems and exacerbate crimes against American citizens.
  4. President Trump has done absolutely nothing to deny LGBTQ (and now the P, as in Pedophile, adds to this alphabet string) rights. What he does advocate is equal rights for all citizens, not superior rights for homosexuals and the rest of the alphabet string.
  5. President Trump, unlike Barack Obama, has done more to reform criminal justice and reduce excessive prison sentences than any previous president in history.
  6. On the matter of freedoms at risk, leftists attacks on Christians and Jews threaten to stifle our First Amendment Rights. How is this ‘equal rights’??

I see no point in continuing this survey, so it’s at this point I conclude my responses to you.

There will be two choices in November 202o Elections.

  • a. vote Democrat in order to nullify the U.S. Constitution


  • b. vote Republican to preserve America for future generations of Americans

So there will be no ambiguity, I will be voting REPUBLICAN.

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