What Do You Know About Homelessness in California?

Homelessness in the Golden State can be parsed into two major categories: (a) supply and demand, and (b) liberal policies, especially drug policies.

Liberal leftist policies, radical by any standards, dramatically drive up the cost of housing, leaving housing prohibitively expensive for the general population. The consequence: a huge population of working people turn to living in their automobiles and camps.

In 2018, Los Angeles, the city and the county, spent $600,000,000 to reduce homelessness. Instead of reducing the homeless population, it grew by 16% to nearly 60,000.

An Addiction Crisis Disguised as a Housing Crisis

By latest count, some 109,089 men and women are sleeping on the streets of major cities in California, Oregon, and Washington. The homelessness crisis in these cities has generated headlines and speculation about “root causes.” Progressive political activists allege that tech companies have inflated housing costs and forced middle-class people onto the streets. Declaring that “no two people living on Skid Row . . . ended up there for the same reasons,” Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, for his part, blames a housing shortage, stagnant wages, cuts to mental health services, domestic and sexual abuse, shortcomings in criminal justice, and a lack of resources for veterans. These factors may all have played a role, but the most pervasive cause of West Coast homelessness is clear: heroin, fentanyl, and synthetic opioids.

City Journal 6/14/2019 – Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. 

Approximately half the homelessness is a product of the simple law of supply and demand. Liberal policies dramatically drive up home pricing.

The other half of homelessness is due to liberal (unrealistic) worldviews that invite a flood of illegal and facilitate rampant opioid abuse.

100% of the homelessness in California is the consequence of poor (no) leadership and not due to the tech companies doing business there. Liberal policies by Democrat Party lawmakers, mayors, and governors are destroying the Golden State.

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