A Call to Courage

It is hard to convince many Christians that they are rapidly losing their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  They either don’t believe it is happening, or they chalk it up to ‘fake news’ or ‘politics.’  But the erosion of liberty is not only real—it is the greatest threat American Christians have ever faced.

Evangelist Mario Murillo | Boldness October 25, 2019

[Political correctness] first appeared in Marxist-Leninist vocabulary following the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time it was used to describe adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (that is, the party line). 

Those who are most strongly opposed to so-called “political correctness” view it as censorship and a curtailment of freedom of speech that places limits on debates in the public arena. They contend that such language boundaries inevitably lead to self-censorship and restrictions on behaviour. They further believe that political correctness perceives offensive language where none exists. Encyclopedia Britannica

Prominent people (actors, politicians, others) try unsuccessfully to control President Trump through political correctness. Those who would silence him are frustrated because, as a highly successful businessman, he says what he thinks.

The founding fathers of this nation prescribed constitutionally protected freedom of expression so that any citizen can speak against governmental acts with impunity.

No, not all speech is lawful. Examples: incitement to rebellion, defamatory attacks, and speech that may endanger others are prohibited under penalty of law.

Unlike any former president, this president bravely challenges conventional thinking and conventional politics. He refuses to accept a salary and his personal fortune has decreased by more than $ 5 billion in just three years.

The president chose to serve the American people. He could have chosen to retire to a life of luxury and tranquility. But, bravely, he chose to work to make America great again. I choose to follow his example. And you?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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