Impeachment: Surprise! It’s A Political Process.

Congenital Liar Adam Schiff assumes the roles of investigator, prosecutor, jury, and judge in his malicious attempt to remove President Trump from office.

The Congenital Liar asserts his multifaceted assumed roles as though impeachment is a legal process. It is not.

The impeachment process starts and ends in the House of Representatives, a process somewhat akin to a grand jury. The Senate trial is a legal process.

Grand juries are comprised of select local citizens who hear and review charges against a person then decide if they see enough ‘smoke’ to declare a ‘fire’. Grand juries work in secret.

The key difference between a grand jury and a trial jury is the trial jury’s findings will be made public for all the world to see. In a criminal proceeding, the accused has the right to face his or her accusers.

Grand juries, because they work in secret and the members of the grand jury are selected, they can be political tools of a prosecutor like Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle.

Ah, yes, Ronnie Earle who used his office to persecute political opponents like Tom DeLay who was targeted by the Travis County Democrats. The ordeal for Tom began in 2002 and he endured six years of a political-cum-legal charade.

The Congenital Liar Adam Schiff’s secret political process is déjà vu all over again, as Yogi Berra would say.

Ronnie Earle successfully persuaded a grand jury to indict Tom DeLay by the presentation of false evidence to a grand jury. Earle repeated himself in “the case of Fran and Dan Keller, former daycare owners in Austin whom prosecutors claimed had engaged in outrageous satanic rituals and sexual abuse with the children entrusted to their care.” The elderly couple was eventually exonerated after serving decades behind bars. American Thinker, November 27, 2013 | Texas DA who prosecuted Tom DeLay has mud on face again

Congenital Liar Adam Schiff has taken the role of the prosecutor in a kangaroo court to a new level of political malevolence by actually coaching witnesses and conspiring with anti-Trumpers in secret.

Schiff’s and Pelosi’s unrelenting corrupt attacks on our President serve as a harbinger of a federal government controlled by Democrats holding Congress and the White House. I don’t believe America could survive as Due Process and the Rule of Law would be tossed into the dustbin of history.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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