Good News: Common Sense Makes a Comeback Under Commander-In-Chief Trump

Navy Times 11/23/2019 | Are the Navy’s admirals forcing a crisis in traditional civil-military affairs?

Is there a crisis? Yes, there is. But it’s not a crisis of authority, the chain of command; it’s a crisis of political correctness.

Civilians generally see governmental authority through the familiar ‘prism’ of domestic law enforcement officers who are constitutionally directed to be peacekeepers, not combatants.
We train police officers to de-escalate domestic conflicts. When de-escalation measures fail, superior force prevails.

We don’t train our military personnel to be nice. At least we didn’t do so in bygone years. We train our military forces to kill our enemies and to destroy enemy property. Conventionally trained Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen do the job very well.

Under special circumstances, a little something extra is needed and this is where the SEAL Teams come in to play.

Special Operations is characterized by the use of small units with the unique ability to conduct military actions that are beyond the capability of conventional military forces. | Navy SEALs: Missions

Navy SEAL teams are tough, deadly, and highly destructive. They just don’t play nice. Thankfully.

Back to the real crisis: political correctness.

I preface my remarks, saying by no means do I object to women in uniform whether serving in logistical roles or combat roles. I do object the idea of lowering standards.

The Marine Corps’ longstanding tradition of having two-tiered fitness requirements for men and women aims to ensure fairness, but a growing chorus of critics say it creates a double standard and implies that female Marines are not as physically capable as men.

Marine Times 5/21/17 | New concerns that lower fitness standards fuel disrespect for women

Reality Check

  • Women are generally not as physically capable as men.
  • Standards for women should respect women and standards for men should respect men. This isn’t rocket science.
  • There is no crisis in civilian-military affairs. The principle of appeal to authority works as well today as it did 3,500 years ago.

“A curious thing happened in the second half of the Obama era: The commander-in-chief began viewing the military less as an entity designed to destroy enemies but a tool with which to achieve progressive goals. Warriors were turned into social-justice warriors. Men and women with risible-to-nonexistent military records were made heads of the services. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (who had logged all of two years’ service as a junior officer) named ships after Cesar Chavez and [homosexual] Harvey Milk.”

NY Post 9/4/19 | How Obama turned the military into a social justice experiment

Thankfully, the Commander-in-Chief is the ultimate authority for all branches of the military. We can also be thankful for the present Commander-in-Chief who actually respects our men and women in uniform as valiant combatants and not as microbes in a progressive social ‘petri dish’.

Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher will be fully restored his rank and his innocence.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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