Bolting Bolton – Me Thinks I Smell A Red Herring

Authority – A Short Story

The Norden Company, my employer in the early 1970s, sought to reign in out of control costs and increase effectiveness as a critical supplier to the Department of Defense. The fame of the company began in WW2 with the introduction of the famous Norden Bombsight.

The problem the company faced was a crisis of chaos during the time of the Vietnam War. Management and accounting experts who could identify keys to dramatically improve our flow of products and services to our military customers were hired to analyze the problem.

The solution was provided by a consulting firm: Management By Objectives. MBO was the novel idea of a chain of command in which subordinates set goals to achieve the stated objectives of their superiors.

Several of my fellow field engineers balked at the idea of following orders; I understood it right away. As the Vietnam War wound down and demand for our services followed suit, so did the little green book with our contact information, but my page was still there to the moment I resigned in order to move back to my home state of Texas.

Authority – The Big Story

A few years ago, I wrote on the topic of leadership simplified. To be sure, the three branches of government are not co-equal. Need an example? Congress can fire a president but a president cannot fire a congressman.

As prescribed by our Constitution, the President sets the policies. Subordinate bureaucracies are expected to have objectives that will assure success for the policies set by the President – management by objectives.

John Bolton, James Comey, John Brennan, and a host of other bureaucrats think their own ideas superior to those of the President. Such persons fall into the broad mix of the Deep State, unelected bureaucrats who act independently of the President.

We have a president whose real-world business experiences – both successes and failures – balances people skills and business acumen to create win-win policies that restore a balance to foreign trade but also to a balance of power with potential enemies.

Your’re fired – President Donald Trump has fired several of his subordinates

Bosses fire people for a range of reasons from insubordination, to incompetency, to ineffectiveness. Regardless the reason, selection of staff is the boss’s prerogative.

The Latest Red Herring

red herring is a fallacy argument that distracts from the original topic. Some may refer to this type of argument as a “smoke screen.” It is something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

A simple review of statements by congressional Democrats and other never-Trumpers will reveal a series of red herrings that predate the 2016 election of our 45th President.

The latest red herring? A yet-to-be-published book written by John Bolton. Allegedly, Bolton claims the president discussed withholding aid to the Ukraine. Fact of history: the president did not withhold aid to the Ukraine.

At this point in time, this red herring is a product of the New York Times, infamously an anti-Trump leftist publication.

To date, there is no ‘there’, there.

Meanwhile, the evidence in the public domain points to gross misconduct and corruption by the Obama administration, the Clinton crime spree, and the Biden family’s enrichment at taxpayer expense.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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