Pete Buttigieg: The Person and His Policies

On The Record – His Policies

So far, he’s been able to rise in fame without much focus on the specific issues. He answers reporter questions on issues and is articulate, but unlike Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, he doesn’t have a detailed policy page on his website. Nor does he dive deep on specific issues. 5/6/2019 | Where Pete Buttigieg stands on the issues, from ‘Medicare for all’ to gun control

On The Issues

Gun Control | As do all the Democrat candidates, he calls for “common-sense gun control measures”.

The Washington Free Beacon | Pete Buttigieg Refuses to Answer Half of NYT Foreign Policy Survey

Medicare For All | Buttigieg supports “Medicare for all,” but says the best way to get there is using what he’s dubbed “medicare for all who want it.”

Abortion | Mayor Pete advocates for unrestricted abortion on demand. “He’s been more vague in subsequent interviews.”

The Electoral College | Buttigieg has indicated he supports the repeal of the Electoral College.

College affordability | Buttigieg advocates federal subsidization of college tuition but not free college for all.

Marijuana | Buttigieg advocates for the legalization of Marijuana.

Environment | He supports the radical, socialistic Green New Deal.

Taxes | Like all his fellow Democrat candidates, he advocates raising taxes.

Equal Pay | Pete advocates for equal pay between men and women.

Vaccinations | His position BEFORE the press came after him: “In his most recent response, Buttigieg’s campaign said he supports allowing medical exemptions for required vaccinations. But originally he told BuzzFeed News that he supported exemptions for personal and religious reasons, “if states can maintain local herd immunity and there is no public health crisis.”” His position AFTER the press came after him: “the campaign changed its position to only allowing medical exemptions.”

Foreign Policy | Pete says diplomacy, not strength, develops respect for America.

Impeachment of President Trump | He is a never-Trumper who says President Trump should be impeached.

Voting Rights for Incarcerated Felons | “During one of Sanders’ CNN town hall meetings, he said felons should be allowed to vote while they’re incarcerated.”

Immigration | His positions are vague except he opposes the wall at our southern border.

Marriage | Pete Buttigieg does not submit to Biblical, traditional authority and he denounces those who do, saying we who follow the role of holy marriage are “on the wrong side of history”.

Pete Buttigieg Kisses His/Her Husband

At a Pride festival in June, Buttigieg tacked the same line. “There are millions of Americans,” he began, “who today are not proud of what they believed yesterday about us, but we ought to make them proud of the fact they came on to the right side of history.”

What did “they” believe “about us”? Bad things, probably — maybe that marriage is between a man and a woman, or that scripture isn’t Pete Buttigieg’s malleable plaything that he can simultaneously invoke and dismiss as he finds expedient — but “what they believed” or didn’t believe “about us” is not the point. The ritual of redemption is: renounce your old beliefs, be born again, and expiate your guilt by condemning the avatar of that which you used to be. That self might have been any number of Buttigieg’s bogeymen: the “conservative Christian,” “older people,” those “brought up in a certain way,” or any other strata of the “they” who think bad things about “us.” Part of the condemnation is instructive, to shame the relics of the old consensus. The other is sacramental — the sneering and condescension toward traditionalists is itself a sort of ceremonial purge. We’re good people, you’re not.

National Review 8/20/2019 | The Wrong Side of Pete Buttigieg’s History


To be sure, as president, Pete Buttigieg would bring a lot of ‘firsts’ to the office of the president. Because he is the ‘wife’ in his homosexual ‘marriage’, Pete would be the first male ‘First Lady’ in the White House.

With respect to Pete’s desire to “repeal the electoral college”, I have previously written on this subject here, here, and here. It is impossible for Congress or a president to “repeal the Electoral College” because it is a constitutional process to protect us against populous cities like Los Angeles and New York City that can only be eliminated by a constitutional amendment.

As this 2020 election year goes forward, more of his initial supporters will turn away as they learn what he is and what he isn’t.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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