Novel Coronavirus Symptoms Manifest In A Curious Way

Something about the fear of COVID-19 has driven folks here in the Rockwall area to empty the shelves of stores, but not medical supplies – TOILET PAPER!

Way back in 1974, a penny shortage led to people hoarding pennies. One lady featured in the news purchased 100,000 pennies. As she was moving them to her vehicle, a news reporter asked why she bought so many of the little coppers. She said, “I wanted to get my share before the hoarders got them all.”

The photo below captures a snapshot of my personal penny ‘hoard’ which I extracted from the one-gallon pickle jar into which I dump spare change.

Also in the photo is a roll of toilet paper which I am not hoarding. It just hangs out in one of the three bathrooms until such time it is needed.

Given the prevailing atmosphere of fear, my fellow Americans are hoarding toilet paper.

Toilet paper? Really?

My counsel: Hoard pennies, instead. Here in the year 2020, they are abundant, reusable, and they don’t lose their value. Toilet paper, unlike pennies, cannot be used TWICE.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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