Panning the Pandemic Protocols

Source: Science Magazine: Science Lessons For The Next President

What Is Science?

An article in the magazine Science rehearses the past responses of presidents to diseases and to perceived anthropogenic undesirable outcomes. If I were the artist of the graphic above, I would append the “Sea-Level Rise” label with a question mark. (Yes, I am a climate-change denier, Greta, someone who knows first-hand about coastal land subsidence.)

What is genuine science? The online dictionary lists this definition, one applicable to addressing viral pandemics.

Science: systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

At what time in American history have we resorted to quarantines of entire populations, suspensions of constitutionally-protected freedoms, and lockdowns of public commerce?

Does the federal government have the legal and constitutional authority to order quarantines? The legal authority comes from the Public Health Service Act of 1944. The intention of the law was to prevent the introduction of communicable diseases from other countries, not to lock away our friends, family, and neighbors.

The act is supported by the commerce clause but the dubious authority of federal agencies has the smell of a violation of the Tenth Amendment.

Back To The Science

I refer you to a scientific article titled Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza, published on 4 November 2006 and available online from the Penn State University website.

Quarantine. As experience shows, there is no basis for recommending quarantine either of groups or individuals. The problems in implementing such measures are formidable, and secondary effects of absenteeism and community disruption as well as possible adverse consequences, such as loss of public trust in government and stigmatization of quarantined people and groups, arelikely to be considerable.

Page 373, Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza

My Two Bits

If waterborne infectious microbes were sickening the community, what public action would you recommend?

  1. Hire crews to wipe down drinking fountains
  2. Scrub the water before it gets to the drinking fountains

Infections from the COVID-19 come from the air we breathe. Why do the Kroger, Tom Thumb, and Costco store wipe down and/or spray disinfectant over the shopping carts instead of scrubbing the air?

Thousands of elderly nursing home patients are dying and the government demands the nursing homes do more testing. Those helpless people are dying from an airborne infectious virus. What if, instead, the government were to require the nursing homes to scrub the air?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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