Don’t Be Suckered By The Shame Culture On The Left

A Muslim-Background Believer, a Christian convert, was born and raised in Iran. A resident of Texas, he has devoted his life to communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to the country of his nativity.

He explains the apparent majority radicalism we see on television as a characteristic of a vast majority of the Persian people. The majority publicly act as though they are died-in-the-wool Shi’a Muslims hell-bent to destroy both the USA and Israel. But, he explains, the vast majority, above 90% he estimates, are not true believers in Islam. They act to not be shamed and dishonored by the rulers.

The honor-shame culture is not unique to Muslims. It is an eastern mindset endemic to all eastern cultures, near, mid, and far east. This includes Israelis. Surprisingly, it has become the culture of the leftists in this country.

What is considered ‘western culture’ is actually Christian culture.

Choices – Appeasement or Lawsuit?

Across the fruited plain, Democrat heads of government and liberal #NeverTrump news media pander to the extremists in their party. Look what has happened in the case of the Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann who was slandered by the Washington Post.

Examples of Appeasement

Fighting Back

Fox News 7/24/2020 | Washington Post settles Nicholas Sandmann defamation lawsuit in Covington Catholic High School controversy

There was a time when the U.S. Government used knowledge of the shame culture to win a war. Anthropologist Dr. Ruth Benedict (1887-1948) was one of several anthropologists hired to analyze and advise on dealing with the Japanese during WW2. An understanding of the shame culture of the orientals was the key to the transformation of Japanese culture in post-WW2 Japan.

Shame was a tool of Hitler’s Nazi party.

In the 2016 runup to the general elections, liberals like Hillary Clinton attempted to shame Republicans calling us deplorables. Her campaign failed because we took on that label with pride.

Untold thousands of Deplorable tee shirts were sold through Amazon and Walmart.

The Washington Post 9/10/2016 | Clinton says she regrets labeling ‘half’ of Trump supporters ‘deplorable’

My grandfather enlisted in the Confederate army at age 13 and served the final six months of the Civil War. Am I ashamed? Heavens, no! This is not to suggest I agree with the position on slavery by the CSA. This is to say I am proud of him. He survived, married and had nine children, my father in the middle.

When the leftists slander you, do not apologize and do not kowtow to them. Instead, confront them. Do not become entrapped in the shame culture.

You will prevail in a lawsuit, just as did Nicholas Sandmann.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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