Good News: COVID19 Testing Proves Extremely Low Death Rate

Earlier this year, panic was arising in the Rockwall County Commissioners Court. The county medical officer predicted there would be so many bodies that Rest Haven, the local cemetery-funeral home, would be unable to process all the bodies.

Didn’t happen.

To make a point about statistics, I asked a friend present, “If two people are known to have a disease and one dies, what is the death rate?” He refused to answer.

In a recent Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed President Trump. Here is the full interview below.

Chris Wallace, obviously not a statistician, obviously not someone in command of the facts, attempted to persuade President Trump to accept the notion that the USA has one of the world’s worst corona virus situations. The president, tutored Mr. Wallace. The lopsided debate is in the first few minutes of the video above.

Wallace conflates cases with deaths. We have detected a huge number of cases because we have tested a huge number of people.

Pardon my screaming, but we have gone, as the phrase has it, stark raving mad. I am beside myself with frustration trying to explain this to people who are so panicked they can’t listen to reason.

Now look at this picture, the official weekly dead according to the CDC (as of 2 July for week ending 27 June, the latest data available Monday morning): (see chart below)

Notice anything? You might not have reached the apex of probability like I, the Statistician to the Stars! have, but surely you can see the most salient point. DEATHS ARE DECREASING, EVEN AS NEW “CASES” “SURGE” “SPIKE” “SOAR” “SET RECORDS”.

William M. Briggs “Statistician to the Stars” 7/20/2020 | Coronavirus Update XXI: Calm Down! Record Testing Is Why There Are Record “Cases”

We can be thankful to God we have a president who actually understands statistics. It is okay to go back to living.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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