Un-Masking The Science

“[The general public] should be made aware that [cloth] masks may provide some benefit in reducing the risk of virus transmission, but at best it can only be anticipated to be limited. Distancing remains the most important risk reduction action they can take. … The messaging that dominates our COVID-19 discussions right now makes it seem that—if we are wearing cloth masks—you’re not going to infect me and I’m not going to infect you. I worry that many people highly vulnerable to life-threatening COVID-19 will hear this message and make decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t have made about distancing because of an unproven sense of cloth mask security.”

Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., MPH 7/22/2020 | COMMENTARY: My views on cloth face coverings for the public for preventing COVID-19

Dr. Osterholm has to balance genuine science with popular pseudo-scientific political nuance. This is true for Dr. Fauci who, in the early days of the pandemic said there was no reason for the general public to wear masks and later this year reversed himself.

“There is no scientific evidence that wearing face coverings would have a measurable impact on flattening the coronavirus curve. And whether it would have any impact at all is still up for debate.”

NBC News, 3/31/2020 | Do you need a mask? The science hasn’t changed, but public guidance might

Why wear a mask in public? Consider the consequences from appearing in public without it.

The fact that being near a sick person can get you sick is indisputable. It’s common knowledge now and has been for many years. This is why hospitals have costly isolation rooms and infectious diseases are investigated within secure laboratories.

No science supports the wearing of masks in public will prevent infections.

The science that supports the wearing of masks in public is called Mob Psychology.

I wear the mask where it is required but not as a defense against a virus.

The mask cannot protect you from faulty government policies.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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