Conventional Medical Associations Attack Revolutionary Thinking

Two California doctors may start revolution with calm questioning of extreme measures.

These two physicians reveal how collateral damage is greater than the novel virus. Patients with chest pains avoid emergency room visits due to a fear of catching the communist Chinese virus.

As independent business owners of a Emergency Room, one of the most common services they provide are COVID testing. To date, they have tested 6,000 and found only 450 positives.

Are mandatory masking and social distancing helping or hurting?

The time to hear discussions around shutdowns, shelter-in-place, mandatory vaccines and other important topics is worthwhile.

Democrats apparently strive to keep the country locked down, people out of work, bills unpaid, and more in order to defeat President Trump. A Democrat win in November will in fact be a huge loss for the American people.

The damage the democratic socialists would do is unfathomable and irreversible.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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