Democrats Scheme to Sabotage November Elections

Just in time to disrupt November general elections with mail-in ballots, the congressional Democrats schedule an ‘urgent hearing’ on alleged sabotage of the US Postal Service.Headline: Breitbart, 16 August 2020 | Democrats Schedule ‘Urgent Hearing’ on ‘Postal Service Sabotage’

A Quick Start Guide to USPS Operations

The U.S. Postal Service lost money in six out of the 10 years from 2001 through 2010, according to its financial reports. By the end of the decade, the semi-independent government agency’s losses had reached a record [of] $8.5 billion, forcing the Postal Service to consider seeking an increase in its $15 billion debt ceiling or face insolvency.” ThoughtCo, April 4, 2020

Some of us over a certain age remember when documents were only delivered by the US Postal Service. As with all of life, there are now many competing services that do a better job of reliably getting parcels and documents from Point A to Point B: UPS and FedEx, among other delivery services.

Headline: The Daily Signal, July 23, 2020 | New Jersey’s All-Mail Vote Debacle Is a Warning for November

Here, now, mere days before the November general elections Nancy Pelosi and her left-wing Democrats want to expand the USPS to deliver mail-in ballots? What have they done to fix the USPS retirement system that has been losing money for YEARS?

Headline: Breitbart, August 17, 2020 | Fact Check: Obama-Biden Removed At Least 14,000 Mailboxes

The Postal Service is not a monolithic machine that can be reprogrammed in a brief period of time. The USPS is PEOPLE. My neighbors and I treasure our regular postal delivery man. We know his name and some of us have his cell phone number. We have a personal relationship with him.

Is it not enough that you Democrats have been AWOL from your congressional duty? I cannot believe you are unaware of how the service loses BILLION$ every year as you refuse to come to the aid of the service by allowing changes to the retirement funding.

COVID-19 has significantly harmed the USPS. The new Postmaster General has had to take action to reduce operating costs and you whining ninnies call the matter sabotage. I agree the USPS has been sabotaged and you are the saboteurs.

Because the USPS is an independently funded entity, it is not funded by tax dollars. As with any business, the service has to control costs.

What’s the answer? Congressional Democrats may wish to get in touch with Dave Ramsey? Dave has a system that works for everyone.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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