The Cancel Culture – Puppets On A String

Homosexuals will say I am homophobic, against homosexuals. First of all, the term homophobic implies I fear them. Nah! Actually, I love them all and want them to spend eternity with me. While suicide ranks as the tenth leading cause of death for the general population, studies of gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths have reported levels of attempted suicide ranging from 20% to 40%, with rates in some special subpopulations (e.g., street youth, GLB youths who have been victims of violent assault) being even higher. Contrary to the M.A.S.H. theme song, suicide is not painless. My hope is to demonstrate to homosexuals there awaits an extraordinary future for all who place their faith and trust in the one person who will never betray, never desert, never stop loving, and never stop accepting them.

BLM has nothing to do with helping black Americans

Abortion acolytes will say I oppose a woman’s right to choose. Nah! Freedom to choose is a fundamental God-given right enjoyed by all people. By the way, half of all people whose lives are taken from them while still in the womb are/were women who are/were deprived of their individual God-given right to life. Baby girls aborted in the womb are denied their own right to choose.

What is marriage? Holy matrimony is the oldest human institution ordained by God himself. Terrestrial matrimony, the union of one man and one woman are representations of the Kingdom of God in which the bride represents the Church (the collective body of believers) and the groom represents the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is known as western civilization is the product of Christianity and the manifold freedoms we enjoy. So long as a free people can think for themselves, Satan has no control of them. Satan has to disable the free to gain total control over the unbelievers.

Anarchists, homosexuals, the pro-abortion people, the atheists, the anarchists, and the seemingly mindless protesters appear to be attacking Christians, pledging to destroy western civilization. Actually, none of the named groups are coming after us Christians. It is the one known variously as Satan, the Devil, the Antichrist, the Father of Lies who is working vicariously through these groups.

He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8 NKJV

God has promised that his adopted children, the believers in Jesus Christ, will be caught up in the air to be with the Lord, thereby escaping a time known as the great tribulation. I pray that multitudes of those now attacking us will experience a revelation of Jesus Christ, turn from their sins, and call upon the name of the Lord to be saved from the time of tribulation.

No, I and my fellow believers don’t hate homosexuals, anarchists, mobs, women who abort their babies, or the atheists. We love them all but we hate their sin. Satan, the Devil, the Father of Lies, for now, manipulates them like puppets on a string

A spiritual awakening is already underway. Many will experience a revelation of Jesus Christ and turn to Him. The Holy Spirit will be cutting those strings to set people free from Satan’s control.

Meanwhile, all the glory goes to God.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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