Democratic Party Oligarchy Overrides the Will of the People in Tennessee

Congressman John J. DeBerry, Jr.

“Peaceful protest ends peacefully. Anarchy ends in chaos.” – Rep. John J. DeBerry (D-TN)

Rep. DeBerry’s common sense, solid pro-life values, and patriotism were too much for the Democratic Party oligarchy. For 26 years, Tennessee Democrat voters voted to have him represent them in Congress because he actually represented them. But, the Democratic Party oligarchy “voted 41 to 18 on a Wednesday conference call to remove DeBerry from the ballot in the upcoming August primary. DeBerry now has no opportunity to run as an independent or Republican since the filing deadline has passed, leaving a write-in campaign as his only path to reelection under current rules.

While DeBerry isn’t the only House Democrat opposed to abortion rights — a position he has held his entire time in office — he was the sole lawmaker from his party to vote in support of Gov. Bill Lee’s controversial school voucher legislation.

Hear Rep. DeBerry speak to the issue of systemic racism in the Democratic Party.

His worldview aligns with the Republican Party.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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