Dallas County: New Leadership Arises, A Man With A Plan

Your voices have been heard.

The nonsense in Dallas County needs to stop and the misuse of tax dollars needs to be halted.

As your District 1 Commissioner, Patrick will represent both the interests of the district and the needs of the county as a whole.

He is committed to making sure there is no government overreach.

The purpose of government is to protect citizens and provide public services not to crush civil liberties.

Patrick is also focused on making sure our county staff is adequately equipped and funded, and that accountable mechanisms are implemented to prevent wasteful spending.

He has considerable experience in teaching, counseling, resolving conflict, researching, and working with youth.

Prior to running for Dallas County Commissioner, Patrick worked as a software trainer, a court-appointed mediator, small business owner, and behavior counselor.

He spent time in Brazil in 2014 doing research on corruption involving the 2014 World Cup. He majored in Journalism (BA) at Stephen F. Austin and Conflict Resolution (MA) at Southern Methodist University. He garnered his life skills of interviewing/questioning and researching from his journalism studies at SFA. His educational background in conflict resolution from SMU, has made him highly attuned to emotions of others, their needs, and motivations.

Patrick is a hard working single parent of a 5 year old and was born and raised in Dallas. As a Rotarian he has worked with and donated to numerous non-profits. He is a long-time Dallas Mavericks fan who had season tickets when they won the championship in 2011.

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