To Block SCOTUS Appointment, Schumer Plans to Cheat With a Little ‘Steely’

Democrat lawmakers remind me of my little sister who was a notorious cheater when we played games together. She was 13 months my junior.

On an occasion of a marble game in our backyard 4 or 5 of us boys had drawn a circle in the dirt and contributed each our shares of marbles to the game. My sister Ginger approached, asking to be allowed to play also. The other boys saw an easy pushover; I saw a schemer. I objected but the majority overruled me and Ginger sat down to join the game.

The object of the game was to take turns knocking marbles out of the circle. You kept for yourself all you removed from that little arena. When her turn to play came, she reached into her bag of marbles to draw out a ‘steely’, a steel ball bearing. When the other guys loudly objected, she simply said, “You didn’t say.” That was true, no one stated the rules of the game when she was allowed to join the game.

She successfully knocked a couple of glass marbles from the arena before missing her shot. The next to play was me. I opened my marble bag to withdraw a GIANT ‘steely’, easily three times the size of hers. Her immediate reaction was to say, “You don’t cheat fair!” To that I answered, “You didn’t say.”

The story from my childhood reminds me of the 2020 election year. In former years, the Democrats opposed illegal immigration but this year are all for it. In former election years, Democrats insisted their president immediately nominate Supreme Court justices, but this year they cry, “You don’t cheat fair.”

Is that Joe Biden who publicly criticized President Trump for closing the U.S. to Chinese travelers the same Joe Biden who now says it was his idea to do so?

It was Democrat Senator Harry Reid who, as Senate Majority Leader changed the rule for voting on federal judges from 2/3 to simple majority. Senator Chuck Schumer has been unable to stop our Republican Senate majority from seating great constitutionalist justices and he’s screaming, “You don’t cheat fair!”

What’s a Democrat to do? How can Schumer prevent the appointment of a third justice by this president this year?

“Senate Democrats blocked the chamber’s Intelligence Committee from receiving a classified brief on efforts by Russia, China, and Iran to interfere in the 2020 presidential elections.

Bill Evanina, the nation’s top election security official and director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, was scheduled to give a briefing Tuesday to members of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence. That closed-door hearing, however, was canceled by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who reportedly stopped the briefing due to frustration over GOP efforts to confirm a new Supreme Court justice following the death of liberal stalwart Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” The Washington Free Beacon 22 Sep 2020

Yes, Chuck Schumer throws a tantrum in a futile attempt to (a) stop the constitutional process of replacing Ginsburg on the court and (b) blocking the exposure of democrat corruption vis a vis the entanglements of top Democrats with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP).

President Trump or Senator Mitch McConnell will pull a bigger steely out of one of their own ‘marble bags’.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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