Useful Idiot Mark “The Snitch” Cuban Goes All Out for Joe Biden

The graphic above depicts the political spectrum of Dallas County leaders

Mark Cuban was a sports fan who generally hid his worldview from the public. But, in May of 2020, he began to expose his radical leftist mindset by sending 300 “secret shoppers” to retail stores and restaurants throughout Dallas to gauge how well businesses are following safety protocols. Those familiar with the history of tyrants readily understand how paid snitches imperil individual liberty.

A Dallas Morning News story titled Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to headline virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden’s White House campaign indicates how his political worldview eclipses the leftist worldviews of the Democrats controlling the City of Dallas and Dallas County.

Mr. Cuban publicly presents himself as a gentleman who cares about people. His ‘track record’ seems to show him to be a bully.

In his recently released autobiography Darkness to Light: A Memoir, Odom claimed that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban kicked Odom and berated him in front of his teammates as he struggled to adapt in Dallas.

Odom recalls one instance where, during a particularly bad game, he went to sit on the end of the bench after being substituted. Odom said Cuban kicked him in the shins, and credited teammate Vince Carter with grabbing his arm before he could physically retaliate — an act that Odom says saved his career.

MSN Sports, 27 Apr 2020 | Dennis Rodman ripped Mark Cuban for being too hands-on during brief Mavs stint

The one-percenters foolishly fund the Marxist Democrats who, once in power, would rob them of their personal wealth.

I knew an elderly Cuban, Eladio was his name, who revealed to me in the Spring of 2009 how he was one of those wealthy businessmen who funded Castro’s revolution. Eladio is safely in Heaven now where the Cuban communists can’t touch him.

Cuba was weathering a corrupt dictator when Fidel Castro promised ‘hope and change’. After Castro came to power, there were changes and the Cubans lost hope. Asking me, “Juan, ¿qué está pasando en los Estados Unidos?” [John, what is happening in the United States?] I replied, “Oh, Eladio, hay una Obama-nación en la Casa Blanca.” [Oh, Eladio, there is an Obama-nation in the White House.] Eladio laughed heartily then soberly and quietly associated Fidel Castro with Barack Obama, saying, “Nunca nos dijo que era comunista.” [He never told us he was a communist.]

Is Mark Cuban a Marxist, a communist? Most certainly there is no assertion that he is either. I see Mr. Cuban more as a useful idiot to the Marxists who have taken control of the Democratic Party.

Perhaps the most useful idiot to Adolph Hitler was the wealthy and influential Hohenzollern family. What happened to the royal family after Hitler came to power? Yes, they were robbed of their wealth and property. As recent as 2019, they labor to reclaim their losses. Would Mark Cuban live so long?

Ernst Röhm, the homosexual leader of the notorious brownshirted Storm Troopers, was a useful idiot to Hitler until he and his fellow brownshirt leaders weighed down Hitler’s rise to power. The solution? Over three nights known as The Night of the Long Knives, Hitler killed hundreds of the Brownshirts whom he realized were liabilities to his ascent to power.

Historical revisionists incessantly attribute the German persecution of homosexuals as “extreme right”, pointing to Republicans and President Trump. The truth it was the socialists, the extreme leftists, who persecuted and slaughtered the homosexuals. The Log Cabin Republicans, conservative homosexuals, opposed Trump in 2016 but they came to realize that Christians and President Trump are not their enemy. The Log Cabin Republicans ardently and wisely support President Trump in this 2020 election.

Historical note: Before killing German homosexuals in concentration camps, they were brutally and hideously tortured by their Nazi executioners.

Voters have two choices in this election, (a) be a useful idiot for the Socialist Democrats or (b) vote to make America great again.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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