Judge Amy Coney Barrett shares her scholarship with the Senate

Judge Amy Coney Barrett shared her scholarship with the Senate inquisition crew who do not believe any Bible-believing, church-going, Christian is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

Despite the rampant anti-Christ opposition from the left side of the political spectrum, we came to know and appreciate an amazing young woman whose command of history and the facts impressed even some of her detractors.

One news service you did not see on television is the Babylon Bee News Service, a source you can trust to show you a side of events the fake-news media overlooks.

3-minute video: Amy Barrett’s Crucifix Causes Democrats to Hiss In Terror

What will be the results of the ongoing 2020 General Elections? As always, the final results will not be announced until after the polls close on November 3, 2020.

The 1980 election of President Ronald Reagan was exciting and turnout was heavy. Even a lot of Christians who rarely vote showed up to cast ballots.

How does 2020 compare to 1980? In 1980, I was one of voters to walk away from the Democratic Party. The political atmosphere strongly suggests voters are more motivated to vote than any time since 1980.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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