Staying Alive Part 1 — SARS Infection

SARS-CoV-1 (COVID19) is indisputably a deadly disease that affects every nation on earth. This series of postings is intended to give you hope, to allay global fear disproportionate to the actual threat, to build confidence that God created you and me with innate defenses, that is to say, you are born with complex defenses.

The Series

Can the intake of one SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) virus make you sick? Probably not. As with all infections, whether viral, bacterial, or fungal, sickness is a function of your body’s innate immune system’s ability to prevent an infection and the number of infectious pathogens present the immune system can neutralize.

A couple of important terms to understand are:

A STAT News article titled How much of the coronavirus does it take to make you sick? The science, explained, published on 14 Apr 20, describes in plain language how the COVID19 virus so easily infects both patients and medical workers.

Image credit: Screenshot of STAT News, How much of the coronavirus does it take to make you sick? The science, explained

The text is highly informative and you can forego reading the text and gain a good understanding by watching the embedded video.

The second posting titled Staying Alive Part 2 — The Immune System describes how your natural immune system protects you from COVID19 and other infectious pathogens.

The third posting Staying Alive Part 3 — Preventing SARS Infection features important facts and CDC recommendations to support a healthy perspective on facts and methods of prevention.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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