Unmasking Masks

“Masks Don’t Work” Dr Fauci tells the truth about masks, 9 May 2020
Why Weren’t We Wearing Masks From the Beginning? Dr. Anthony Fauci Explains – 23 Jun 2020
Senator Bob Hall Unmasks the Truth about Masks – 7 Oct 2020

[In the above video] I visit with environmental health and safety experts on the topic of masks as they clearly explain why masks are not only not effective in preventing the spread of COVID, but are actually causing enormous physical and psychological damage to adults and children. Since the facts clearly demonstrate that masks don’t work and are damaging, what is the motivation to mandate masks?

Texas State Senator Bob Hall, SD-2, 7 Oct 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently said lower-grade surgical masks are “an acceptable alternative” to N95 masks unless workers are performing an intubation or another procedure on a COVID patient that could unleash a high volume of virus particles.

But scholars, nonprofit leaders and former regulators in the specialized field of occupational safety say relying on surgical masks — which are considerably less protective than N95 respirators — is almost certainly fueling illness among front-line health workers, who likely make up about 11% of all known COVID-19 cases.

As of April 23, more than 21,800 health care workers had gotten the coronavirus and 71 had died, according to a House Education and Labor Committee staffer briefed by the CDC.

KHN, 30 Apr 2020 | Widely Used Surgical Masks Are Putting Health Care Workers At Serious Risk

What can one conclude from the above information? The commercial-grade so-called surgical masks available to non-medical citizens cannot and do not protect the wearer from COVID-19 infection.

My story: While undergoing blepharoplasty, surgery that repairs droopy eyelids, the hospital required of me a COVID-19 test followed by three days of self-quarantine before my surgery. On the day of the surgery, a mask was required to enter the hospital and was on my face until after the surgery was completed and I was released from the hospital.

While awaiting my turn in the surgery suite, I remarked to my attending nurse, “Why are we all wearing masks, considering we have all been tested?” She replied, “We have not been tested.”

The mask was not on my face to protect me from the staff; it was on my face to protect the staff from me.

“The great thing about using a small country to support your argument is that your opponents are unlikely to know what is really going on there. Perhaps that is why Sweden, with 10.3m people, has become a much-cited example in the debate about how to deal with covid-19. Liberty-loving Swedes are supposedly pursuing a mask-free, lockdown-light strategy that will create herd immunity without bankrupting the economy. Sweden’s success, it is said, is a standing rebuke to the left-wing killjoys who love bossing folk around and shutting everything down.” – The Economist, 10 Oct 2020 | The real lessons from Sweden’s approach to covid-19

The reason we are being coerced into wearing masks is to placate public fear. What if the general public understood the cheap masks we are being forced to wear do not and cannot protect us from COVID-19 infection?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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