FBI Shows Its Deep-State Color

After Trump supporters formed a so-called “Trump Train,” waving flags and honking horns while surrounding the [Joe Biden] bus as it traveled down Interstate 35, bound from San Antonio to Austin, the Biden people called 911 and the FBI announced it was investigating the Trump supporters.

Screenshot of a Tweet from President Trump 11/1/2020

Is there any headline about the FBI investigating Democrat protestors at Trump’s New Hampshire rally, or Trump’s Northampton rally, or when Democrats threw eggs at children attending a Trump rally in Wilmington, Joe Biden’s hometown?

Where is the headline story on the FBI investigating unlawful FISA snooping of the Trump administration, the scandalous and fake Russia collusion scam that costs tens of millions of dollars and wasted untold federal manhours in its development?

Any reasonable adult can and should realize the FBI corruption remains on the payroll.

Barack Obama implanted an unknowable cadre of anti-American people within the Department of Justice. Obama’s CIA director John Brennan and his FBI director James Comey were, and probably still are, card-carrying communists.

How does one officially become a communist? It becomes a matter of record when you vote for communist candidates. Brennan and Comey have publicly admitted to voting communist.

Deep-state corruption runs deeply in our federal government. Can the FBI and the CIA become pro-American again? Not if Joe Biden wins this election.

What can you do? Talk with your friends, family, coworkers, church members, anyone whom you meet in the marketplace and encourage them to vote tomorrow and to vote to preserve our constitutional republic. Vote Republican, all candidates.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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