The major news media rush to ‘certify’ Joe Biden as the 46th president.

Yesterday, NPR radio, with loud fanfare that probably made John Phillip Sousa roll over in his grave, announced Biden as the president-elect. On what authority? NPR cited AP News that declared Biden as the winner of the election.

We actually have a constitutional process by which presidential elections are certified and the Constitution does not assign such authority to the fake-news media.

The POPULAR vote is an indication of the national sentiment but the president is not elected by the popular vote; the STATES elect presidents and vice-presidents.

Be at peace and in prayer. The process at this moment in time is at the vote-counting step. In those states where the elections are in dispute, the Judiciary branch is now engaged.

How can I personally be at peace? I know for sure what will happen if the people of God yield to weariness and fear, aka give up.

One of my Facebook friends remarked how he hates President Trump. He is part of a large body of agreement that votes for the Democrat and Libertarian candidates.

Hate is not an emotional response to wrongdoing by another person. Hate is a belief. Hate and anger are not synonymous.


We are witnesses to the greatest spiritual war in all American history.

Knowledge is power because knowledge gives structure to your understanding: When you know the legal process, you can effectively pray, as per 1 Corinthians 14:15 “Then what am I to do? I will pray with the spirit [by the Holy Spirit that is within me] and I will pray with the mind [using words I understand]”.

Again, our nation is called the united STATES of America. Civics education is a dismal failure in this country. Uninformed voters mistakenly conflate the role of governors (chosen by popular vote) with the role of the presidency (chosen by the states).

If the dispute cannot be resolved by honest and open recounts of votes by qualified voters, the president can actually be elected by 26 states, without respect to the population. At this point in time, candidate Trump holds a majority of states; Biden does not.

Knowledge is Power – Pray with understanding.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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