Haman’s Gallows Repurposed?

Around 2,550 years ago, a Persian politician devised a scheme to hang his number one opponent on a spectacular gallows. But a sudden turn of events led to the Persian politician being hung on his own gallows. I refer to a historical event recorded in the Bible, the book of Esther.

Haman and his sons perished, unwanted and unloved. But, there stands a memorial, the purported tombs of Queen Esther and Mordecai, in Hamadan, Iran, a city 198 road miles southwest of Tehran, Iran. Iranian Islamists torched the memorial in May of this year, but they were unable to ‘torch’ the history behind it.

A few people known as modern-day prophets foresee a similar story playing out before our eyes in the United States of America in this month of December 2020.

I invite fellow believers in Jesus Christ to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Our sitting president is possibly the greatest peacemaker in the history of mankind. If we keep our focus on the ‘apple of God’s eye’, I believe everything will work to the benefit of Israel, the USA, and the entire world.

Reference Zechariah 2:8Romans 8:28 has within it the idea of repurposing something constructed to destroy us but ultimately becomes a means of destroying our enemies.

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