Facts Matter – President Trump did not incite a riot that was planned for weeks in ‘plain sight’

The President spoke at Ellipse Park, 2.2 walking miles from the Capitol building. The best information I have indicates he concluded his exhortation to the people to demand only lawfully slated electors be counted at 1:11 pm.

The mob invaded the Capitol building at 12:59.

I walk a mile in 20 minutes. 2.2 miles X 20 minutes/mile = 44 minutes walking time.

map image credit https://maps.google.com screenshot

It appears the mob was breaking into the Capitol building before the President concluded his speech.

A PBS video says the mob planned to invade the building weeks in advance.

Note the statement on the screen:

Why were Secret Service, FBI, and Capitol law enforcement forces not prepared to counter the riot ‘planned for weeks in plain sight’?

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If the reader(s) has more accurate times of the two events, please state your references in a comment with verifiable internet links to your information.

As a Trump supporter and 2016 delegate to the Texas State GOP Convention, not even one of my fellow Republicans known to me would engage in lawless activity. To be sure, President Trump would never encourage, plan, or incite such brutish behavior.

My suspicion is it was planned to achieve the result that came about as weak-kneed, spineless Republican lawmakers immediately blamed the President for the mob scene and decided to end their protests of the stolen election.

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John White
Rockwall, Texas

2 thoughts on “Facts Matter – President Trump did not incite a riot that was planned for weeks in ‘plain sight’

  1. Thanks for your work on this, John.

    When the first officer committed suicide, that was sad. When the second officer did it, both events became very suspicious to me. There is so much out there – election fraud, “insurrection” at the capitol and more. Is ANYBODY going to press in to bring the truth to light about these things? At this point, I have no idea what Trump’s inclinations are. Lately, we on the right have our own fake news about how Donald Trump is still going to be President. I don’t believe any of it. The “prophets” are dropping like flies as their words fall to the ground. Treacherous times!

    1. Mark, I believe America is at the threshold of a phenomenal outpouring of Holy Spirit. The uglier, the meaner, the more profane the opponents of God and His church become, the more eager I am to witness the unstoppable move of God throughout the world.

      Preachers and fellow Christians quote 2 Chronicles 7:14. As opportunity presents itself, I will ask, “Who spoke those words? To whom were they spoken? And, what was the occasion that elicited the statement? What do you know about the preceding verse?”

      Those words were spoken by God Himself to Solomon on the occasion of Solomon’s temple.

      Verse 14, unlike John 3:16, does not stand alone but is inextricably dependent on verse 13 because 14 is conditional and actually a continuance of verse 13. The KJV connects the two verses with a semicolon, the AMP version with the conjunction ‘and’. 13 and 14 are, in my opinion, one idea.

      My paraphrase: When your world turns to hell, I will come to your rescue IF, you follow the conditions laid out in verse 14.

      God works through imperfect people to underscore the fact that He is our source. Moses was a murderer and had speech impediments. King David had a highly successful life and he was also an adulterer and a murderer. Was Solomon the paradigm of holiness? There are abundant instances in history when God has raised up a disruptor to restart (revive) his chosen people.

      God raised up Donald Trump to set the stage for the next great awakening. He was and is a fearless disruptor.

      Satan is a poor poker player and he is revealing his sick strategies for all the world to see. Think about this: Biden picked a father of two children who divorced his wife (an honest-to-goodness woman), an indisputable biological male who thinks he is a woman to be in charge of the nation’s mental health policies. Topping it all off, he’s a very ugly woman! The emperor (Satan) has no clothes!

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