Joe Biden Throws Out the Welcome Mat to Drug and Human Trafficking and Lawlessness

As many conservatives feared would happen if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took power from Donald Trump, tens of thousands of soon-to-be illegal aliens from Honduras and Guatemala are headed for the southern border of the United States.

Thousands of migrants from Honduras and Guatemala heading to the United States less than a week before the presidential inauguration. Countries in Central America have ramped up their border controls.

What can we foresee as a consequence or consequences of this new wave unbridled invasions?

In case you missed it, one goal, an immediate objective, of the Biden administration and the leftists who side with him is to dissolve our republican form of government.

How so?

Our nation was constituted by a contract, the U.S. Constitution, that preserves the identities and the local values of the several states, as represented by two senators from each state. It also affords influence in federal affairs through popular representation in the House of Representatives.

The Tenth Amendment guarantees that federal powers are limited, enumerated and all powers not assigned to the federal government are reserved to the states.Each state is, in fact, a separate nation—a sovereign political community.

A federation is the formation of a political unity, with a central government, by a number of separate states, each of which retains control of its own internal affairs.

The electoral college process by which the states elect presidents preserves the federation. But, the Democratic Party wishes to dissolve the federation that was birthed on June 21, 1788, 233 years ago.

The goal to eliminate the electoral college process threatens to change our nation, a nation of sovereign states, to a solitary nation-state in which only the popular vote elects presidents. If, when, this happens, the unholy body of leftists in California, New York state, and a few other populous states will rule unchecked over or lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.

Already hundreds of Cuban refugees are stalled at the southern border, chanting “Biden, Biden, Biden”, believing he will open the doors and welcome them as new Democrat voters.

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