Acting Lawfully In The New Age of Lawlessness

Democrat governing officials give a wink and a nod to Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors.

Case #1 | Kamala Harris praises BLM, says ongoing protests are ‘essential’ for change in US

Harris praised the ‘brilliance’ and ‘impact’ of Black Lives Matter

Nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress, in particular around civil rights, has come without a fight, and so I always am going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country — as an essential component or mark of a real democracy,” the vice presidential nominee said during the NAACP’s national convention.

Case #2 | Kamala Harris Called BLM Protests ‘a Movement’ Last Summer, Said ‘They Should Not’ Stop

TRANSCRIPTPublished September 3

Case #3 | Kamala Harris condemns riots weeks after promoting bail fund for rioters

This is a rush transcript from “Hannity,” September 3, 2020. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

Case #4 | Prosecutor looking into death of driver shot by Park Police

“Park Police officers Lucas Vinyard and Alejandro Amaya fired approximately nine shots at Ghaisar after a chase on the George Washington Parkway in November 2017. Dashcam video released by Fairfax County Police, who played a supporting role in the pursuit, shows Ghaisar leading officers on a stop-and-go chase. Officers opened fire after Ghaisar stopped a third time and again began maneuvering past officers who had drawn their weapons.”

Case #5 | (Dallas Police Officer) Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years for murdering neighbor Botham Jean

“Jean was watching television and eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream in his living room just before 10 p.m. when Guyger burst inside, likely scaring him, prosecutors said at trial. Guyger testified that she used her electronic key fob in the lock but that the door still pushed open and that she immediately drew her service weapon once she was inside.”

The Big Question: What are law-abiding citizens to do when governmental officials act contrary to the supreme law of the land?

Law-abiding citizens must act according to the supreme law of the land at all times. For example, if a police officer abuses you and you reactively fight back, in a court of law you will be found guilty, regardless of the actions of the police officer that precipitated the reaction on your part.

If your life is not in danger, follow the officer’s instructions. An innocent citizen will be found to be innocent in a court of law because the police officer will be found to be the one misbehaving. It may take hours, weeks, even months but a premature death or years of imprisonment are undesirable alternatives.

Misbehavior of a government official never excuses a citizen to also misbehave.

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