NY Post writer attempts to scandalize Sen. Ted Cruz for vacationing in Cancun “amid ‘FREEZING’ weather”

Yaron Steinbuch, writing for the NY Post, attempts to scandalize Sen. Ted Cruz for vacationing in Cancun “amid ‘FREEZING’ weather”.

Apparently, Yaron lives in a social bubble and does not know how wonderful that Caribbean paradise is in mid winter.

If federal money were paying for the trip, now that would truly be scandalous, but Ted and Heidi are using their own money.

What would I consider scandalous? How about the Cruz couple traveling to Alaska or Canada for a weekend getaway and doing it on the taxpayers’ dime?

Yaron Steinbuch further amplifies his attempt to scandalize Sen. Cruz and his wife for (gasp!) inviting neighbors to accompany them? I suppose Yaron is so enured to hostile NY City society, he assumes all of America shares the banal values of NY Gov. Cuomo, NY City Mayor DeBlasio, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rep. Jerry Nadler.

I suggest Yaron Steinbuch needs to get out more, be with fun people, give up his class envy, and take a trip to Cancun. He can even invite his neighbors.

To be sure, a visit to Cancun in the midst of winter would be a life-changing experience for Yaron. As a starting point, check out the fun activities available to anyone and everyone.

Things to do in Cancun: https://bit.ly/3bdQjIM
Link to the snotty article in the NY Post: https://bit.ly/3aE8g4x

I can personally attest to the beauty, the terrific weather, and the great guest experiences that await you in Cancun. Personal note to Yaron: I was there during the winter, also.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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