Militant Atheism – A Peek Into The Future

Atheism isn’t a new phenomenon. Atheism is an ongoing war by Satan against God. God describes atheists in the Bible – “Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God. They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!”

A leading characteristic of militant atheism is reprobation: calling good evil and calling evil good. While claiming to support First Amendment freedoms of Religion and Speech, atheists stridently war against Christians to silence us.

Atheism is a religion.

Here’s a peek into the future: We win. They lose.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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Bringing Post WW2 History Up to Date – U.S.-Japan Alliance

China and Japan Leaders Seek Ties Reset Amid North Korea Worries
Photo Credit: Bloomberg Politics

Japanese leaders assumed the U.S. would treat the vanquished people of their nation in the same brutal fashion Japanese leaders had treated nations they had vanquished. But, such was not to be the case.

Moving forward, in deep gratitude to Admiral Nimitz, Japanese businessmen, in an expression of gratitude to America, provided the Japanese Peace Garden you can visit today behind the old Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas.

I recall a prophetic warning by Chester Nimitz that was posted in the original Nimitz Museum, before the present day multi-building exhibition you can visit today. Nimitz remarked how Japan has become an ally, but the day would come when Japan would change its alliance from us to China.

What does this mean for U.S. influence in Far East? According to JCA-NET , there are 90 U.S. military installations on Japanese soil.

I quote:

There are approximately 90 U.S. military facilities including major military bases throughout mainland Japan and Okinawa, with an area total of 3,130,000 sq. meters, 75% of which are in Okinawa. They are concentrated in a few areas (prefectures), 37 in Okinawa, 15 in Kanagawa, 11 in Nagasaki, and 7 in Tokyo. About 52,000 U.S. troops are stationed in these bases, 26,000 in mainland and 25,000 in Okinawa (2001). In mainland Japan, the largest contingent is the air force with 6,600 and that in Okinawa marines (15,500).

The U.S. armed forces in Japan, together with U.S. forces in South Korea, are subjected to the Pacific Command located in Hawaii though the Command located at Yokota Airbase in Tokyo also functions as an auxiliary command for the forces deployed all over Japan. The forces deployed to Japan are not a separate complete military unit but integral part of the Pacific Force as the largest of the four U.S. joint forces with a vast jurisdiction extending from the U.S. western coast and the whole of the Pacific Ocean through the Indian Ocean to the eastern coasts of Africa.

The main U.S. bases in mainland Japan include Misawa airbase in Aomori Prefecture up in the north of Honshu Island, Yokota Airbase in Tokyo, Yokosuka naval base in Kanagawa Prefecture, Atsugi base in the same prefecture, Iwakuni marine base near Hiroshima, and Sasebo naval base in Nagasaki Prefecture. Also there are munitions depots, communication bases, port facilities, warehouses, military barracks, [and] residential estates.”

If, when, Japan switches alliances from the U.S. to China, our military installations will be forced to leave, as it happened in the Philippines. That time will mark the end of U.S. military dominance in the Far East.

What are the possibilities?

  • China forges alliances with Japan and South Korea, based on common economics.
  • China forecloses on North Korea in order to reunite the Korean Peninsula.
  • One by one, South-east Asian countries, and possibly Australia, switch alliances from the U.S. to China.

What to do?

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, for President Donald Trump’s good success and health, for the Spirit of God to flood the earth.

Soli Deo Gloria

John White
Rockwall, Texa

Washington, DC – Distrito de Columbia o Distrito de Calumnia?

Desde el 6 de julio de 1790, la capital de nuestro país se encuentra en Washington, DC – Distrito de Columbia. Creo que ahora se puede llamar el Distrito de Calumnia.

El ex presidente Barack Obama creó una empresa criminal llamada ‘Organizando para América’ (OFA). Sugiero un nombre mejor. ¿Qué tal ‘Organizando para el Caos’ (OFC)?

Nuestra nación es como un enorme avión de pasajeros. El Presidente, sin importar quién ocupe la Casa Blanca, es el capitán del avión.

Cuando soy un pasajero en un avión, quiero que el piloto, el capitán, aterrice con éxito el avión. Quiero éxito para él. Por regla general, los pasajeros no mueren al volar. Mueren de malos desembarcos.

¿Podemos estar en desacuerdo con las políticas del presidente? Sí, porque tenemos el derecho constitucionalmente protegido de la libertad de expresión. Este derecho a la libertad de expresión es uno de los cinco derechos protegidos por la Primera Enmienda.

La incitación al desorden público no es el derecho de ningún ciudadano. La incitación al  desorden público es un acto de sedición y tales actos son castigados por la ley.delitos-de-difamacin-calumnia-injuria-en-las-redes

Ley pertinente: 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

“If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

El ex presidente Barack Obama conspira para derrocar al presidente Trump. Si Obama puede derrocar con éxito a nuestro Presidente, el capitán de nuestro avión, todos nosotros vamos a experimentar un aterrizaje muy malo.

Los medios de comunicación liberales como CNN, Univision, MSNBC, CBS, etc. conspiran para socavar a nuestro presidente con calumnias, insinuaciones y mentiras descaradas.

Trump promete restaurar la grandeza a América.

Los profetas predijeron cómo Dios elevaría a Donald Trump a ser nuestro cuadragésimo quinto presidente, de acuerdo a Isaías capítulo 45, versos 1-6. Lo creo.

“Exhorto ante todo, a que se hagan rogativas, oraciones, peticiones y acciones de gracias, por todos los hombres; por los reyes y por todos los que están en eminencia, para que vivamos quieta y reposadamente en toda piedad y honestidad.” – 1 Timoteo 2:1-2

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Trump is right on Syria & North Korea – I was wrong

Lance Wallnau posted a prophetic Passover message on Facebook regarding President Trump’s military actions against Syria, North Korea, and Russia.

He introduces his 28-minute video message with this text:

PASSOVER PROPHECY – Cyrus Trump and North Korea…

Donald Trump, the 45th President is walking through the Cyrus prophecy of Isaiah 45 even as we speak! It starts in verse 1: “To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held- to subdue nations before him and to loose the loins of kings…” Trump had no interest in Syria till his heart was moved by the sight of suffering children. In this brief video, I explain why God is getting this President involved with nations and what it means to “loose the loins of kings.”

Notice the timing! We are right now in the Hebrew feast of Passover – but this is no ordinary Passover. In fact, Justice Gorsuch was sworn in on the first night of Passover. This year 2017 is prophetic for Gods people and Israel. They will experience its 50th anniversary of recovering their capital, Jerusalem. The 70th year of their formation as a nation and 100th anniversary of the return of Jews to their Homeland.

The feast of Purim is passed – where we prayed for Haman’s plot to be exposed and the illegal surveillance of Trump and team began to trace itself to Susan Rice’s door at the Dept of Justice.

The President struck Syria and reset the role of the United States in the world… and in one blow unraveled the political witch hunt seeking to prove he was in Putin’s back pocket.

Now North Korea is on the front burner. What will happen? I’d like to share what I see in Isa 45 that applies to Cyrus Trump!

As I wrote earlier this Spring, I believe God’s hand raised up Donald Trump at this time in human history to protect Israel and to advance the Church, the Body of Christ, to overcome the powers of darkness personified through atheists, the LGBTQ activists, and antagonistic persons like George Soros. Read Skeptics look to Donald Trump’s past – God looks to President Trump’s future posted 326/2017

I expected President Trump to hold faithfully to his campaign promises. When he attacked Syria, I posted We elected President Trump because we want a president who follows the rule of law – So, why attack Syria? on 4/17/2017

I was wrong to think our President had forsaken the calling of God to be the Cyrus of our generation. I repent.

Lance Wallnau helped me to restore my confidence in the Grace of God on the life of President Donald Trump.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Skeptics look to Donald Trump’s past – God looks to President Trump’s future

Back in 2015 when Dr. Lance Wallnau prophesied billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump would become our 45th president, I thought he had gone mad. We Texas Republicans voted overwhelmingly for Texan Ted Cruz and we fully expected Ted to be the 45th. But, that Tuesday evening when the primary polls closed in Indiana the electoral vote count cemented Mr. Trump’s candidacy as the GOP presidential candidate. The rest is history.

Pastor Saeed Abedini Prophesies Donald Trump Will Usher the World Into a New Millennium

As a delegate to the Texas State Republican Convention who expected Senator Ted Cruz to rise to the top, the Trump win stunned me. My prayer that Tuesday evening before the convention was, “G-d, give me a reason to attend the convention.” I prayed. G-d answered – via Twitter. There on my computer screen, late that evening was a tweet from Lance Wallnau who remarked, “Remember what I told you?” That tweet marked a pivotal moment for me.

USA Today reports that Dr. Lance Wallnau, an internationally recognized speaker, business

G-ds Chaos Candidate Book
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and political strategist is one of only three evangelical leaders to have accurately predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency. Dr. Wallnau’s best-selling book, “God’s Chaos Candidate” is credited as being the catalyst that mobilized thousands of Christians to vote for Donald Trump and contributed to Trump’s unprecedented election victory. Lance cites Isaiah 45, the Biblical prophecy of Cyrus as G-d’s description of the Trump presidency.

Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mills, SC, and Pastor Robert Jeffress of the Dallas First Baptist Church boldly predicted businessman Trump would be the next president.

With all the well-organized well-funded opposition from ‘community organizer’ Barack Hussein Obama and his Organizing For Action (OFA) ready-made mob machine, the spineless actions of congressional Republicans, and a hostile left-wing media, forward progress seems doubtful.

saeed abedini - man looks to the past - God looks to the future.png

It is for such a time as this Pastor Saeed Abedini speaks wisdom to America. Saeed remarked on Facebook, “He is a modern day Cyrus and he has a special calling and anointing for what he has been called by God to do. Mr. Trump will take the whole world NOT just America to the new level that the world never has never seen before.

CNN, UNIVISION, MSNBC and all the rest of the left-wing media would have you believe the Trump presidency is on life support. Fear not. G-d’s hand is on our president whose accusers relentlessly dredge up Mr. Trump’s past. All the while G-d is making a way where there seems to be no way.

John White
Rockwall, Texas


saeed-abedini-free-from-iranian-prison-after-3-yearsI have been posting about [the] Spirit of Jezebel in my Facebook so many time[s] and [the] Lord’s prophecies about Donald Trump to me. 

I said while I was in Iran I had [a] spiritual fight with [the] Prince of Persia and [the] Spirit of Jezebel in [the] United States, especially since I got Free. (and there [are] always people who work under these spirits against God’s kingdom). 

I believe by electing Donald Trump, as much as the rigged system of DC was broken, the power and controlling of the spirit of Jezebel has been broken in U.S. also. And we will see the spiritual results and fruits of this amazing truth in our beloved country and the world and in our personal life. And because the Curse of the spirit of Jezebel has been broken, we will see the same as we saw the rigged system of DC has been broken that the corruptions of the churches would be broken also.

“As much as we had [that] rigged system in DC we have corruptions in the churches here in [the] United States of America “, ” but as we saw that rigged system of DC has been broken, we will see the corruptions of the churches would be broken also. This amazing process of breaking of corruptions in churches has been started by GOD in my area local church in Boise, but it’s just starting. There is much more … coming to the churches in [the] United States of America. The Good News is baby Jesus came to the manger of the corruption and rigged system of the world and changed it on CHRISTmas. 


[I] Wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Pastor Saeed Abedini

In this article from Charisma Magazine titled YEAR IN REVIEW: Prophecy: After Wicked Kingdom Toppled—Jezebel Curse Broken Off America, Jenifer LeClaire writes about the Jezebel Spirit that has captivated America, but is now broken.

prayer over donald trump at a phone bank - charisma magazine.PNGLearn about the Jezebel spirit: 15 Ways to Discern Jezebel’s Assassins in Your Midst

Learn about the Prince of Persia: Who is the prince of Persia in Daniel 10?

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Canada elects to feed heroin addicts instead of healing them


Canada approves prescription heroin.png
click on image for WAPO story

Justin Trudeau follows a progressive path in the treatment of heroin addicts. No longer do they have to buy heroin, he gives it to them three times a day for free. Is this an acceptable method to heal heroin addicts from their addiction?

The recidivism, the predictable behavior of heroin addicts clearly proves the addicts cannot break free from their addictions on their own. They need help, not something that will assure an early death.

Is heroin addiction impossible to break? Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.


click on image for Bill Dinker’s story of recovery


Bill Dinker’s compelling testimony of own addiction and recovery should be read by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

We know wife-beaters are addicted to family violence. Is the prescription to correct a wife-beater, give him liberty to beat his wife? No. By no means.

People who cannot control themselves must come under the control of someone else to aid their recovery.

Is recovery from addiction difficult? Yes, seemingly impossible for most. Recovery from life-threatening illness is naturally difficult, but not impossible.

Progressives like Mr. Trudeau undermine the foundations of society.