Global Warming aka Climate Change predicted by the globalists isn’t happening, Do you know why?

why so few tropical storms in 2016.png
Here is the ‘rocket science’.
Hurricanes spawn when the surface temperature of the oceans between about 5 and 20 degrees of latitude is 80 degrees F. or warmer. If no warm water, no hurricanes. Period. Got it? Reference: NOAA OCEAN EXPLORER
What is the source of heat for the surfaces of the oceans? It’s that bright light in the daytime sky, the sun. Reference: NASA The Water Cycle: Heating the Ocean
It’s neither the coal-fired power plants nor your automobile that elevate the surface temperature of tropical seas. It’s the sun. Got it?
The Sun, by the way, is moving into a Maunder Minimum phase during which solar activity is, well, minimal. Few to no sunspots. All this means is less solar heating of the surface of the earth. Our earth.
End of ‘rocket science’ lesson.
Obama’s globalist policies leave over 61,000 coal miners unemployed. Global warming and climate change cannot possibly be anthropogenic (man-caused).
Let’s set aside the globalist who would reduce the United States of America to something less than a caveman way of life.
Let’s make America great again by first returning to the faith of our Founding Fathers. The election of Donald Trump cannot be attributed to anything but divine intervention. As scripture says, “He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.” – Daniel 2:21
Even God wants to “Drain the Swamp!”
John White
Rockwall, Texas

2 thoughts on “Global Warming aka Climate Change predicted by the globalists isn’t happening, Do you know why?

  1. This is why stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to have a computer, please don’t defend your views with a verse from the Bible.

    That said, yes there have been less storms but the deadliest storms we’ve ever seen, the fact that that you didn’t hear about them or that they occurred in Africa doesn’t make them less important.

    People are dying because they can’t find water, and idiots like you are wasting it writing articles defending Trump’s views. KYS

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