Informed New Yorkers will vote for Ted Cruz – Here’s why

April 17, 2016, AD

Ted Cruz’s plan is an economic policy not based on a monetary policy that produces ‘bubbles’ inevitably leading to economic crashes, but on lifting onerous, burdensome taxes and regulations off small businesses that provide the vast majority of jobs and economic growth.

From the CNBC Squakbox | April 15, 2016 | 46 minutes

Ted highlights his struggle with Republican leadership in the House and Senate: despite holding significant Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, Republican leaders don’t believe they can stand up to Obama.  Ted also makes the point that that Republican majority won elections based on promises to roll back Obama’s deleterious economic policies. Near the end of the video, Arthur Laffer says Ted Cruz’s tax plan is understated in terms of growth and prosperity, even better than Reagan’s.

In contrast, Trump’s economic plan as follows…

Values: New York vs. Texas

  • New York state has an income tax. Texas has none.
  • Businesses are moving to Texas from

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center ranks New York the least-free state in America among its Freedom in the 50 States survey. The state ranks dead last in the center’s analysis of economic freedom, tax burden and fiscal policy, 48th in personal liberties and the imposition of irritating nanny-state laws, and 47th in regulatory burdens. Pretty miserable stuff.

Texas scores 14th overall, clobbering New York in every important category. – Washington Times

  • New York City cost of living substantially greater than Austin –


overall freedom by state
click on map above for interactive ratings of states


Do New Yorkers want more or less freedom? Do New Yorkers want more or less taxation? Do New Yorkers want the freedoms and economic benefits of Texas or New York? I believe all Americans prefer lower taxes (Democrats excepted) and greater freedom (Democrats excepted, again).

Trump has the New York  mouth and a self-serving track record. Ted Cruz has a selfless track record and the guts to stand up to establishment politicians, whether Democrat, Republican or socialists like Bernie Sanders.

Trump’s plan is to manipulate economic policies. Cruz will restore economic fundamentals that even the CNBC liberals agree with restore prosperity to America.

My vote goes to a leader with the wisdom and courage to restore America’s greatness. My vote goes to Ted Cruz.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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