Rockwall – Retail Business Changes On The Horizon

A recent survey mailed to residents of the City of Rockwall asked what businesses our people wish to have along Interstate 30 highway. At some time in the near future, look for exit signs like these below. Retail Stores Blue Ribbon News: City of Rockwall seeks resident input for I-30 corridor expansion  Perhaps a better question is, … Continue reading Rockwall – Retail Business Changes On The Horizon

If I Were to Plan to Destroy America, I Know How I Would Do It

The matter of energy defines America's future and leaves us a major choice: economic collapse and servitude or economic prosperity and freedom. I choose the latter. Which was the lesser of two evils, voting for John McCain intentionally or voting for Obama by default? Four years later I ask, "Which is the lesser of two evils: voting for Mitt Romney intentionally or voting for Barack Obama by default?"