Patriot Act Passed and Freedom Passed Away

"Today, the affinity of the American people for liberty is not as strong as it once was. Spooked by a single bad day of three terrorist attacks, the American mindset has moved toward a desperate grab of safety, holding onto what's ours, in what is no longer regarded so much as a nation as a homeland, a piece of territory bereft of the liberal values that were at the core of the founding of the United States of America." -- Irregular Times

Kay Bailey Hutchison Indifferent to Our Complaints About TSA Sexual Molestation

Now we have TSA goons, yes, goons, that are not trained as law enforcement officers, have no experience as law enforcement officers, but doing the work of law enforcement officers. Their heavy-handed tactics are giving rise to a growing chorus of outrage by the flying public, including me. Marry this with fascist policies of the Obama administration and you have tyranny. There, I said it - tyranny.