A Call for Leadership: I Know Lincoln and He Ain’t No Lincoln!

Did you see this picture on DrudgeReport.com? As it says in the associated

article, “many Senate Republicans … say that, with Congress gridlocked, it’s now all up to Mr. Obama to produce a plan that can both cut deficits and win bipartisan support.”

All up to Obama? Are you people in Washington so dimwitted you can’t understand he has you right where he wants you?

All this clamor for Obama to lead. He is leading – leading into an abyss of red ink from which we may never recover. He’s leading us into a defenseless situation whereby we are now at the mercy of rogue nations like North Korea and Russia.

We don’t need more leadership from him. We need NON-partisan leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

According to the Constitution, spending bills ORIGINATE in the House, not the White House.

Don’t just say ‘no’ to more spending – Say ‘Hell no!’ to more spending.

Has it escaped your notice, Senators? Yes, senators, plural, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Actual unemployed: 22,224,790

This is almost the entire population of the great state of Texas! Our state population is just over 25,000,000.

Look carefully at these numbers displayed in real time on the National Debt Clock. Values shown below were captured 30 December 2012 at 0659 hours. Click on the image for real time numbers.

Click on image above for real time values

Blank Check for B. H. Obama? – Nancy Must Be Crazy!

Proof Nancy Pelosi has not read the Constitution.

Nancy Pelosis proposes yielding Congressional authority to her messiah
Nancy leads a chorus of I surrender all (to Obama)

According to The Examiner,

“On Friday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters she supports giving Barack Obama the power to unilaterally raise the debt limit to infinity, bypassing Congress in a move that clearly violates the Constitution…”

Well, what saith the Constitution?

The Constitution (the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921) directs the president to submit (accept or yield to a superior force or stronger person) a budget to Congress. “Submit” is the operative term here.

Why does the Constitution, and subsequent law, direct the President to submit a budget to Congress, because Congress is the most powerful branch of government. For those who don’t know, the Judiciary is the weakest. How can you tell? Very simply: the Congress can “fire” presidents and judges, but judges and presidents can’t fire members of Congress, only Congress can fire its own.

Miss Nancy proposes to abrogate her Constitutional and fiduciary duties to the American People.

Your Congressional delegation needs to hear from you today. Congress is responsible for holding the president accountable, but Nancy wants to give her ‘messiah’ unlimited authority to tax and spend.

Rockwall County Courthouse – Call for Timeout

I write to oppose construction of the Rockwall County Government Center. In fact, I call upon Commissioners Court to stop all work and to seek a less-costly, reasonable location for holding criminal court.

Before delivering my reasons to discontinue its construction, I wish to state clearly, very clearly, neither the four County Commissioners nor the County Judge are evil. They are actually quite decent people. Nevertheless, they have made a bad choice.

Click on this link for a Power Point presentation of the new Rockwall County Courthouse/Government Center

Allow a few seconds for the Power Point to download.

Point number 1 –  Opposed by Rockwall County Voters (click on link for more …)

Point number 2 – Costly Construction (click on link for more …)

Point Number 3 – Poses Danger to Vulnerable Populations (click on link for more …)

Point Number 4 – Uncertain Economic Outlook (click on link for more …)

Point Number 5 – Commercial Buildings Ready to Use (click on link for more …)

My Recommendation: stop work immediately and research possible alternative big-box store opportunities. Enlist citizens willing to work with the Court to communicate with the public and to make an exhaustive search for a low-cost, but practical building.

Keep in mind how the $30,000,000 budget has already increased over 24% to $37,200,000. Some construction professionals with whom I have talked speculate the final cost will be around $50,000,000.l

You can contact your County Commissioner and the County Judge to express your desires. Several people have called me or written to ask about getting an injunction to stop construction. Not a legal expert, by any means, I have neither an answer as to the possibility of legal action, nor a desire to pursue it. Something in me causes me to think these five persons are actually reasonable people. Perhaps they will actually listen to you.

Precinct 1    Jerry Wimpee jwimpee@rockwallcountytexas.com

Precinct 2    Lorie Grinnan lgrinnan@rockwallcountytexas.com

Precinct 3    Dennis Bailey dbailey@rockwallcountytexas.com

Precinct 4    David Magness dmagness@rockwallcountytexas.com

Judge           Chris Florance cflorance@rockwallcountytexas.com

Telephone (972) 204-6000 for all members of the Court

These are all very decent people. They don’t need abuse from anyone, but they do need to hear from everyone. It’s your money, it’s your children’s debt.

John White