John King Blvd – Always Intended as a SH-205 Bypass

From the 2011 Rockwall Comprehensive Plan, and to further reinforce the purpose of John King Blvd., read extracts from the plan. Appendix C - BACKGROUND & INTRODUCTION "John King Blvd. is a City initiated, funded and constructed roadway. Named for an exceptional City leader, statesman and former Councilman, it was conceived to provide bypass traffic relief to … Continue reading John King Blvd – Always Intended as a SH-205 Bypass

If I Were to Plan to Destroy America, I Know How I Would Do It

The matter of energy defines America's future and leaves us a major choice: economic collapse and servitude or economic prosperity and freedom. I choose the latter. Which was the lesser of two evils, voting for John McCain intentionally or voting for Obama by default? Four years later I ask, "Which is the lesser of two evils: voting for Mitt Romney intentionally or voting for Barack Obama by default?"