FBI: Fretful Bureau of Intimidation

Headline  Former FBI Director: Comey, FBI Enabled Muslim Brotherhood to Infiltrate Every Level of the U.S. Government Headline Republican memo likely to be released Thursday -Trump administration official ReutersFebruary 1, 2018 Headline FBI expresses 'grave concerns' over Republican memo's accuracy January 31, 2018 Headline Judicial Watch: McCabe 'Used FBI Resources' For His Democrat Wife's Campaign … Continue reading FBI: Fretful Bureau of Intimidation

War on Syria – Smoke Screen for Benghazi Scandal

Barack Obama would launch cruise missiles onto Syrian soil to "surgically" stop the deaths of a few people allegedly killed by nerve gas used by the Assad regime. Meanwhile, "Thousands of North Korean prisoners may have died after a notorious prison camp larger than the size of London was closed at the end of last … Continue reading War on Syria – Smoke Screen for Benghazi Scandal