Average Global Temperature – Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

News stories from time to time raise the specter of anthropogenic global warming that must be arrested and/or retarded to prevent the death of all mankind.

My business is measurement and control, sometimes for production processes, most of the time for indoor climate control systems, and a growing business sector of self-funding energy retrofits.

The proponents of the supposed anthropogenic global warming/climate change declare a rise in average temperature.

In my business, if there is to be a measurement of airflow through a large aperture, say an air handling unit, we know in advance there is no single-point measurement that will accurately represent the average rate of airflow.

Typically, across the face of the aperture, the opening through which air flows, we require a minimum of one sample per square foot. If the aperture is a large filter bank of MountainRangeTennisRacket_zpsa5da6447some dimension, we mark off a grid where grid lines cross at one-foot intervals. For example, if the filter media surface is six feet high by 20 feet wide, the total number of samples will be 180, one per square foot of area.

Assuming the surface area of the earth to be 197,000,000 miles2, and each mile2 accounts for 2,878,400 feet2, what will be the number of samples I would measure and record to derive an average global temperature? Let’s do the math.

197,000,000 miles2  X 2,878,400 square feet per mile = 5.4920448 X 1015 square feet of surface area, therefore this same number of samples. Naturally, the samples must all be collected in real time, therefore there must be one sensor per square mile. The reader immediately recognizes the astronomical cost to place precise temperature sensors and supporting electronics over such an area.

If you compare one sensor per square mile, you will readily see how the accuracy is very low. Yes, I know, NOAA uses NASA satellite data. But the data is highly inaccurate because it derives from infrared temperature (IR) observations. Without telling you how to build a watch, let it suffice to say IR is not a good means to accurate measurements.

The alarmists like Al Gore attribute global warming to human activity. How does the sum of human activity compare to the heated core of the earth or, better still, that blazing ball of fire 93 million miles distant?

Given 7.5 billion people and an average weight of 137 lbs./person, the sum of all human flesh adds up to approximately 1.0275 X 1012 pounds of flesh. How does the sum of all human flesh compare to the mass of the nearest star (our sun) that is 1, 300,000 times the mass of the entire earth?

Consider a USA Today news story titled California’s endless winter: 8 feet of snow still on the ground in June (7 June 2017). From this story I quote, “the amount of snow on the ground in the central Sierra region was twice as much as usual, marking its biggest June snowpack in decades”.

Next, from The Next Grand Minimum (7 June 2017), Solar Update June 2017–the sun is slumping and headed even lower. I quote: “The F10.7 flux shows that over the last three and a half years the Sun has gone from solar maximum through a bounded decline to the current stage of the trail to the minimum. Solar minimum is likely to be still three years away.”

Al Gore’s 100′ long, Diesel powered mega houseboat, vintage 2008

One would have to have an ego as large as Al Gore’s houseboat to believe a mere man can affect the global temperature of the earth.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Fake News extends deep into contemporary scientific matters. Global Warming, for example.

Today (4/4/2017), LiveScience publishes an alarming article titled: “Carbon Dioxide Could poltical science vs genuine scienceReach Levels Unseen in 50 Million Years

The question of the hour: What would Chicken Little do?

George Orwell warned, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Here are a couple of facts to soothe your weary mind.

In bygone days of Earth’s history, lush green forests covered Antarctica. [Ref: http://bit.ly/2nBH36o] During the Cambrian period, atmospheric CO2 ranged as high as 8,000 ppm. [Ref: Soil Carbon (Progress in Soil Science) http://amzn.to/2oA7GNN]

Does the climate change? Of course, it does! The geologic record reveals long periods of glaciation and long periods of global warming. In fact, (can you handle it?) we are presently moving into a mini-ice age.

Fake (politicized) science gives you BAD news; I have GOOD news.

In God’s timeline of terrestrial history, we near the end of this age. There will be great trials ahead – wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other nasty events. But, the GOOD news is God sent his only natural born son to earth two millennia ago to undo all the evil Satan has done since the very beginning.

There are ever more atheists among us today than any time in human history. But, as the Reverend William T. Cummings who served at Bataan wisely said, “There are no atheists in foxholes.

When you next encounter Chicken Little running madly about, telling people the sky is falling, tell him to chill out.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

We elected a REAL Republicans but we must now defeat FAKE Republicans

So-called old-guard Republican insiders actually want the Congress and our newly elected stop-feeding-rinosPresident to adopt leftist policies that run contrary to genuine science and common sense.

Bloomberg Headline of February 7, 2017, 6:34 PM CST, updated February 8, 2017, 10:19 AM CST:

Old-Guard Republicans to Push Carbon Tax at White House Meeting

“The Republican and business leaders, calling themselves the Climate Leadership Council, lend their stature to an approach for addressing climate change that mirrors an idea already advanced by Exxon Mobil Corp.Supporters say the tax is a conservative solution to climate change that replaces a regulatory regime with a free-market approach for addressing the greenhouse gas emissions.”

First and foremost, this is not “a conservative solution to climate change”. This is an ignorantly promoted end-around play by RINOs to solve a problem that does not exist. This is to say there is zero, nada, scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change, formerly called global warming.

Contact your two U.S. Senators and your Representative. Tell them not to support the outlandish proposal by RINOs to create a carbon tax to appease the environmentalists. We won. Let’s, for once, behave like winners.

In my part of Texas (CD-4), these are the lawmakers you should contact:

Senator John Cornyn https://www.cornyn.senate.gov/contact

Senator Ted Cruz https://www.cruz.senate.gov/?p=form&id=16

Representative John Ratcliffe https://ratcliffe.house.gov/contact

If you do not readily know who represents you in Washington, D.C., use this link. Input only your zip code. http://www.whoismyrepresentative.com/

Global Warming (aka Climate Change) predicted by the globalists isn’t happening. Do you know why?


Here is the ‘rocket science’.

Hurricanes spawn when the surface temperature of the oceans is between about 5 and 20 degrees of latitude is 80 degrees F. or warmer. If no warm water, no hurricanes. Period. Got it? Reference: NOAA OCEAN EXPLORER http://bit.ly/2gIDPeQ

What is the source of heat for the surfaces of the oceans? It’s that bright light in the daytime sky, the sun. Reference: NASA The Water Cycle: Heating the Ocean http://go.nasa.gov/2gjUARG

It’s neither the coal-fired power plants nor your automobile that elevate the surface temperature of tropical seas. It’s the sun. Got it?

The Sun, by the way, is moving into a Maunder Minimum phase during which solar activity is, well, minimal. Few to no sunspots. All this means is less solar heating of the surface of the earth. Our earth.

End of ‘rocket science’ lesson.

Obama’s globalist policies leave over 61,000 coal miners unemployed. Global warming and climate change cannot possibly be anthropogenic (man-caused).

Let’s set aside the globalist who would reduce the United States of America to something less than a caveman way of life.

Let’s make America great again by first returning to the faith of our Founding Fathers. The election of Donald Trump cannot be attributed to anything but divine intervention. As scripture says, “He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.” – Daniel 2:21

Even God wants to “Drain the Swamp!”

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Debunking NASA and Global Warming/Climate Change propaganda

NASA: See How Arctic Sea Ice Is Losing Its Bulwark Against Warming Summers

The propaganda of global warming, repackaged as climate change, continues to spew forth from the fascists in power. Can we talk?

The above image and story come from NASA and I point out the obvious: Arctic sea ice always melts in our northern hemisphere summertime.

View this next image, also from NASA, posted one year ago.

nasa antarctic ice map october 2015.jpg
NASA: NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

Next, let’s consider semantics: a dictionary definition of the adjective ‘global’.

WordReference.com: global – relating to or involving the whole world; worldwide; universal:global weather.

A global phenomenon is one that involves the whole world. Global weather means there is evidence of the phenomenon in both hemispheres, over all continents, at all latitudes, and at all longitudes.

So, you may ask, why is the ice melting at the north pole as it grows at the south pole.

If so-called greenhouse gasses were causing global warming, then it follows that the southern hemisphere would be as affected as the northern hemisphere. But, such is not the case.

The mystery, if such there be, lies in land mass distribution. 68%  of the earth’s landmass lies north of the equator, 32% south of the equator. Reference: Univeristy of Puerto Rico

The spatial distribution of ocean regions and continents is unevenly arranged across the Earth’s surface. In the Northern Hemisphere, the ratio of land to ocean is about 1 to 1.5. The ratio of land to ocean in the Southern Hemisphere is 1 to 4. This greater abundance of ocean surface has some fascinating effects on the environment of the southern half of our planet. For example, climate of Southern Hemisphere locations is often more moderate when compared to similar places in the Northern Hemisphere. This fact is primarily due to the presence of large amounts of heat energy stored in the oceans. Reference: PhysicalGeography.net | CHAPTER 8: Introduction to the Hydrosphere

70.8% of the earth’s surface is water. 29.2% of the earth’s surface is land.

A helpful analogy: the cool summer breezes at the seashore of my hometown of Palacios, Texas, the City by the Sea.

We who grew up there know how the sun heats the land causing warm updrafts that then pull in cool breezes off the Gulf of Mexico. The sun rapidly heats land and only very slowly heats surface waters. If as a child you had an opportunity to swim in a freshwater lake in the summer, you will remember the sensations of warm water near the surface, very cool water around your feet. The separation is called a thermocline, a topic for another day.

What’s the point? The point is simply this, if greenhouse gasses were the cause of global warming, then polar ice caps would behave similarly, globally.

The reason we experience melting at the north pole is the sun quickly heats land mass over which the northern hemisphere, wind currents circulate heat from the land to the north pole. Think of the action of a kitchen mixer as you slowly pull the rotating beaters from a cake batter. Do you remember how liquefied cake mix spins out at the center of those beaters?

Yes, Virginia, the source of atmospheric heat is that great big ball of fire 93 million miles from the earth: the sun.

[The] theoretical potential represents more energy striking the earth’s surface in one and a half hours … than worldwide energy consumption in the year 2001 from all sources combined…Reference: Sandia National Laboratory Sandia.gov | Solar FAQs, page 10

President Barack Obama uses the power of his office to promote a false theory of anthropogenic global warming. As you can discern from the above-stated facts, NASA’s own scientific findings contradict the very theory Obama orders them to promote.

We must elect a president and lawmakers who will not yield to false theories promoted by liberals and the anti-American United Nations IPCC.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Further study:

Global Warming/Climate Change & Rising Sea Levels

6 March 2016 AD

palacios sea wall near pavilion
Seal Wall in Palacios, Texas – Looking East from Old Pavilion Boardwalk
Regarding claims of rising sea levels, this I have witnessed all my life in Palacios, Texas where I was born and raised. My hometown’s slogan is “City by the Sea”.

How fast do tides rise? It’s amazing. No, it isn’t a matter of weeks, months or years. Tides rise TWICE EACH DAY, in fact, every 12 hours and 25 minutes.


Like clockwork, it takes 6 hours and 12-1/2 minutes for tides to go from high tide to low, then another 6 hours and 12-1/2 minutes for tides to go from low tide to high.


How much does sea level change between high and low tides? Wind speed and direction are a major factor. That big shiny object 230,000 miles above us excerpts most influence on tides.


The picture below is of the Palacios sea wall. The view is to the east from the old Pavilion boardwalk. This is how tidal waters looked sixty years ago; this is how they appear sixty years later.


Fear mongers touting anthropogenic global warming/climate change tell of rising sea levels that threaten islands of the sea. Recently, this sitting president reported how rising sea levels threaten Norfolk, VA.


Following the above claims of rising tides, one must conclude the tides of Trinity Bay undergo rising tides due to anthropogenic global warming/climate change. Sea water laps into Baytown homes during high tides. Is this not proof of man-caused climate change? Well, not exactly.


Baytown, TX, Norfolk, VA and the islands of the sea experience land subsidence. Several factors cause land subsidence, chiefly extraction of ground water.


“Subsidence is a global problem and, in the United States, more than 17,000 square miles in 45 States, an area roughly the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined, have been directly affected by subsidence. More than 80 percent of the identified subsidence in the Nation has occurred because of exploitation of underground water , and the increasing development of land and water resources threatens to exacerbate existing land-subsidence problems and initiate new ones. In many areas of the arid Southwest, and in more humid areas underlain by soluble rocks such as limestone, gypsum, or salt, land subsidence is an often-overlooked environmental consequence of our land- and water-use practices.”

If by now you don’t know, you should know the vacuous nature of climate-change/global-warming hysteria is all based on junk science and junk science is simply not science at all.

If you have fallen for the deception, you are not alone. My own professional organization, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) promotes terms like Global Warming Potential (GWP) and climate change remedies, instead of standing by the scientific method.

Jesus says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” What is truth? Truth is the way things really are.


John White

Rockwall, Texas

2006-2016: The Decade of Duplicity

January 27, 2016 ADIT'S ALIVE ALGORE

Former Democrat VP, self-certified climate expert, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore awoke this morning to a startling surprise: The Earth is still very much alive.
24 years ago, Mr.Gore wrote a book titled “Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit” in which he decried the perils of global warming, ozone depletion, air and water pollution, deforestation, depletion of top soil, waste disposal and loss of biodiversity. [Fact check: for what it’s worth, today we have more trees than at the time of Columbus’ landing in the Americas.]
On the matter of “biodiversity”, this has been a consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics: the universe continuously and irreversibly loses energy, thereby affecting all life on earth. As one scientist elegantly stated, “As usable energy is irretrievably lost, disorganization, randomness, and chaos increase.” Yes, Algore, we have been continually losing animal and plant species since the creation of the world. This is why we have no T-Rex and Brontosaur running about our neighborhoods today.
Moving right along, Gore published a second book on his favorite subject in 2006 called, “An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It”. In this book of false prophecy, he predicted the earth as we know it would come to a miserable end within 10 years. Well, here we are 10 years later on and now I can say, “It’s alive, Algore! It’s alive!!”
From the very beginning of the well-engineered hysteria over our imminent demise as a species, governance has been on a long march from statehood to global governance. Yes, the end game of the false prophets like Mr. Gore is a one-world government.
Obama pushes decision making into the hands of the UN. The Trans-Pacific trade agreement is Obama’s biggest deal to date. Under the terms of this agreement, We the People of the United States of America surrender our sovereignty without so much as a whimper from Congress.
Leftists never sleep. We on the right just want to get on with our lives, raise great children, serve our fellow man, then retire in ease. It’s time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.
Inform yourselves. Get involved. Communicate within your community and with your lawmakers, local, state and federal. While the earth is not coming to an end this year, America, the last best hope of the world is heading toward totalitarian tyranny. We the INFORMED People are the only defense.
John White
Rockwall, Texas