Riddle Me – In what country was Adnan Khashoggi killed?

Today, November 4, 2018, we are two days away from our mutual destiny. Will the democratic socialists regain control of Congress? Or, will the Americans who recognize the downside of socialism and democracy (mob rule) go to the polls to speak clearly to the world that a majority of Americans are neither willing nor ready to surrender to the globalists?

TEA Party Leaders Endorse Ralph Hall for Congress

May 21, 2012 Voters of 4th Congressional District: We the undersigned, declare our wholehearted support for the re-election of Congressman Ralph Hall. Although we are local TEA Party leaders in our respective areas, we speak as individuals who well know Congressman Hall on a personal level. Throughout the year we communicate the general sentiments and … Continue reading TEA Party Leaders Endorse Ralph Hall for Congress