Debbie Does a Doozie

President Obama immediately jumps into any and all fracases where black Americans are named as a potential victim and he genuinely stirred up national attention when he immediately aligned himself with Florida activists who believe Trayvon Martin, an amazing behavior by a supposed Harvard “constitutional law” professor. Empowered by the president’s premature rhetoric, the New … Continue reading Debbie Does a Doozie

A Final Solution – Déjà Vu All Over Again

The FLEA Party (Full of Lies and Egregious Anger), otherwise known as “Occupy Wall Street Protesters”, lays all responsibility for the current global economic crisis on all Jews. Their assaults on banks and bankers are actually an assault on all Jews. What do “Occupy Wall Street protesters want? ABC News says, “They want answers and solutions even if they don't know what they are, they want someone to find them.” Their demands echo those of pre-WW2 Germans.